Name Genbu
Personal Status
Birthdate Unknown
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 168 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Hometown None
Home Country None
Affiliation Kurai Gōka

Gōka Clan

Clan Gōka Clan
Nature Type Fire Release

Yin-Yang Release

Jutsu Demon's Feed Technique

Demon's Pocket Technique

Genbu is a demon, a member of the Goka Clan. Genbu is an approximate age of 16 and is hosted by Kurai Gōka. Genbu and Kurai are enemies and don't get along but he lends power to him in some situations, in order to improvise on certain occasions.


Not much can be said, but he did influence much of Kurai's actions and not all were evil, Genbu wanted to become like an elder and become powerful, but unsuccessful on many occasions.


Genbu is the doppleganger of Kurai, and they look pretty much alike, except; Genbu eyes are all black and his skin is black and white.


Genbu is both good and evil, which mixes with Kurai's personality, he oftens puts dark thoughts inside his host's head and makes him do bad things, Genbu is intelligent and evil, which makes him the perfect, liar.

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