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Gas ReleaseGas Release: Sword Creation Technique
Name Gas ReleaseGas Release: Sword Creation Technique
Rank D-Rank
Hand Seals None
Range Close
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Chakra Nature Gas ReleaseGas Release
User(s) Hakka Clan SymbolSerteno Hakka


The user will pump one of their gasses through their pours from their body. It will then turn into a solid with the effect of that gas onto it, though it will take more time. It will also allow the user to use as a sword and use Kenjutsu with it. The user can also explode the sword for the gasses full effect to take place but, the user will need to create another sword.

The user can also take existing gas and create a sword from a low amount of gas to all of it around the user. The more gas put into the sword, the more powerful the effect becomes.

Types of GasEdit

Interrogation GasEdit

The user can use this type of gas to cause minimal damage but, to weaken their willpower. This will often be used for torture.

Toxic GasEdit

This will be the recommended gas for killing your opponent, as it would make a simple wound much more deadly than a normal sword.

Knockout GasEdit

The sword will have to make multiple wounds for this to take place, or a single deep wound.

Paralyze GasEdit

The sword will slow the opponent down and will normally paralyze them if the sword makes enough wounds.

Chakra Absorbing GasEdit

Every wound will absorb chakra. The amount depends on the depth of the wound.

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