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Full Release
Name Full Release
Kanji 完全遁
Rōmaji Kanzeton
Other Name(s) No Limit
Clan Rekai Clan

Full Release is a kekkei genkai unique to the Rekai Clan. Full Release isn't really a release, like Fire Release or Dust Release. It is just the name the clan gave to the unique kekkei genkai. With Full Release, the users eight gates are not present, leaving the user to use however much chakra he or she wants to use with no restrictions. With the full release, the user can use chakra to enhance speed, have super strength, and use chakra for defensive or offensive purpose. So people with this kekkei genkai have very good chakra control and form.

Things Full Release DoEdit

As they get older, their chakra grows and grows to the point where they have as much chakra as Jinchuriki or tailed beast. Also some people with Full Release are able to absorb chakra, mostly women, very few men are able to absorb chakra.

Also, with Full Release, the person isn't usually born with a basic nature, it is very, very, very rare for someone to be born with a nature, for example Kamon Rekai. And each person with full release, their chakra as a special ability. Increased speed, healing abilities, increased strength, and a few more.

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