"The personification of protection."

"Then and now, what I protect has never changed."
Fukanouji Mizuakari

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Fukanouji Mizuakari
Fukanouji Mizuakari1
Name Fukanouji Mizuakari
Kanji 不可能事水明かり · 水明り
Romanji Mizuakari Fukanouji
Personal Status
Birthdate February 11
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'7
Weight 122 lb
Blood Type A
Hometown Tanzaku Town
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Akatsukinosora
Tanzaku Town
Land of Fire
Mizuakari Clan
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Mizuakari Clan
Occupation Akatsukinosora Member
Previous Occupation Jonin
Team Akatsukinosora
Previous Team Team Mizuakari
Partner Shun Mizuakari
Previous Partner Hoheto Mizuakari
Family Shun Mizuakari
Hoheto Mizuakari
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Rank Jonin
Classification Shinobi,


Ninja Registration 8
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Kekkei Genkai Fluid Release
Kekkei Tōta N/A
Tailed Beasts N/A
Hiden Techniques N/A
Nature Type Water Release
Wind Release
Jutsu Fluid Release: Satsugaisha Onara no Jutsu
Fluid Release: Yoyumune no Jutsu
Fluid Release: Fuketsu Gyoshuku
Fluid Release: Daidaiteki Jochaku
Fluid Release: Chosan Kusarekuzu
Fluid Release: Chosan Nendoshitsutama
Wind Release: Dance of Blades
Wind Release: Dance of the Dragon and Serpent
Water Clone Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique
Jinsoku Setsudan
Mikazuki no Mai
Hiken: Tsuchikage
Hitotsume: Nadegiri
Denkishiki Domeihigyo
Akaakato Domeihigyo
Weapons Katana,

Kunai, Shuriken

Fukanouji Mizuakari (不可能事水明かり · 水明り) is an individual of both Shinobi and Samurai lineage, who currently works for the Akatsukinosora.  He was born in the Land of Iron, but him and his parents moved to Konohagakure when he was an infant.  His parents were killed in the Fourth Great Shinobi World War as fodder for the Shinju, (or so he thought at first), leaving Fukanouji living on his own.  By the age of 16 he became a Jonin and started to run his own squad, Team Mizuakari, for many years until his eventual defection, along with one of his brothers, Shun Mizuakari, and joined the Akatsukinosora, the two of them remaining as partners in the Akatsukinosora to this very day.  Aside from his abilities as a Samurai, and many other random abilities that he possesses, he's also well known for using the Fluid Release Kekkei Genkai by mixing together the two elements Wind Release and Water Release.  This, along with his natural speed, allows him to combat on equal terms with even Sharingan users. 


Fukanouji Mizuakari2

Fukanouji Mizuakari as a child

Fukanouji Mizuakari is a very tall man with extremely long, orange hair tied in a mes
Fukanouji Mizuakari4

Fukanouji Mizuakari's full appearance

sy ponytail in the back, and has an ear ring in each of his ears.  At all times he wears a red kimono which shows his bare chest partially, and white robes partially covering the bottom of the kimono; when shirtless, he can be seeing having very defined and robust muscular features.  He has blazing red eyes, and always keeps his signature katana sheathed in red sheath on his left side at all times; the katana in question looks just like a regular katana, with a black hilt, and a black, square shaped hilt guard.  On his feet he wears black, healess sandles, which he often removes for tough battles, and has bandages covering his feet and hands for unknown reasons.   He also has a large, X-Shaped scar on his left cheek, which was placed on him during a currently unknown, yet supposedly particularly difficult battle during his past with a rival Samurai, which is the only time that a Samurai has ever wounded him since he was a child, and the only wound he's ever received by other Samurai that was so severe that it would never actually go away or heal up completely.  When he was a child Fukanouji has much shorter orange hair which was spiked up, was very short, had no ear rings, and had a much different wardrobe as well, adorning in the attire that would usually be expected of a normal citizen of Konohagakure, and he also appeared to smile a lot more than he does nowadays, as well. 


Fukanouji is usually a very reserved and silent person, who rarely speaks at all, let alone against his superiors.  He has no qualms about killing those whom he's ordered to, and does it swiftly with no complaints, and without so much as a word uttered.  Due to his past, he tends to keep himself at a distant from most people he meets, with the fear constantly lurking inside of him that he'll get too attached to them and they'll end up dying on him.  Despite his outwardly cruel and apathetic personality, he does appear to have an amount of hidden compassion for children and women, and will go out of his way to save them from danger or their deaths whenever he can; although he does his Akatsukinosora work first, he does like to put priority to this if he can.  He also appears to hate anyone who picks on or torments anyone who can't defend themselves currently, or are obviously inferior to them power wise, and will enjoy brutally murdering them if he comes across them during his travels.  He has a strong sense of honor, which is said to be almost unrivaled by nearly anyone else in the world, which often causes him to get involved in major or minor skirmishes that he would have normally not had any involvement in whatsoever. 

Above everything else, however, he cares deeply for his family.  Although he claims that this is partially a natural behavior of his, this was only made even more intense and apparent due to the deaths of both of his parents during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, which he attempted with all his might and power but still failed to prevent when it occurred.  Because of this, he cares deeply for his only two remaining family members that he knows are alive, those being his two brothers, Shun Mizuakari and Hoheto Mizuakari.  He's almost always with Shun, as he left Konohagakure for the Akatsukinosora along with Fukanouji, but his other brother, Hoheto, stayed at the village, and constantly hunts Fukanouji down.  Despite the two of them being enemies now, Fukanouji has tried and failed to end his brother's life, due to him still possessing a great amount of love for him, being unable to remove these feelings from his heart; luckily for him he's skilled enough to usually defeat Hoheto without killing him, only leaving very little damage on him at once. 


Fukanouji was born in a small village called Haganegakure within the Land of Iron.  Although his father was a close friend with the long running leader of the Land of Iron, Mifune, due to the plans of some terrorist bandits his parents were framed for a crime they didn't commit so Mifune, albeit very reluctantly, had to punish them, but was able to settle with just exiling them out of the Land of Iron; he also agreed to not spread the news of this around outside of the land so that they could still find a new place to live again.  Fukanouji and his two twin brothers, Hoheto and Shun, were all three only one year old at this point, and after two months of surviving in the world they end up arriving at Konohagakure, and are gladly accepted as residents of the village.  Although it was difficult for them at first, eventually, with the sympathy and thus aid of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, they managed to get back up on their feet, and his father even temporarily took leadership of a Ninja Squad knowno as Squad 12, despite not actually being a Ninja, he was a Samurai.  For the next six years of his life Fukanouji lived a fairly n ormal life of a Konohagakure citizen until he was eight years old when he and his two twin brothers joined the ninja Academy.  The two of them, proven to be prodegies, (Fukanouji with Samurai and Ninja skills, with both of them split between his other two brothers), they graduated one year later, at age nine, and ended up being the next Genin members in in their father's squad, which, by that time, he was also aided by his wife.  Not much is known about Fukanouji's life between age 9 and age 13, and at that time Fukanoujji, advancing on past his two brothers, was promoted to Chunin, passing the Chunin Exams almost with flying colors; the first round was hard for him, the second round was much easier for him, and the final round was extremely ease for him, as all it had to do with was one on one fighting.  To correctly congratulate his son's promotion to Chunin his father bought him his first personal Katana, so he didnt' have to borrow any Katanas anymore. 

Shortly after his promotion to Chunin is when the Fourth Great Shinobi World War commenced, and Fukanouji was placed in an unknown division within the Allied Shinobi Forces.  His actions during this war are mostly unknown, but he does occasionally have flashbacks to the war when he weas fightning hundreds of revived Shinobi and revived Samurai as well as White Zetsu Clones, during which time he tried and failed to save both of his parents from being killed by the enemy forces, which caused Fukanouji to go on a phycotic rage in revenge; when he did this, his nearby teammates had to hold him back, knock him out, and bring them back to their nearby Shinobi Camp so he could rest up and cool down for awhile.  After the war, while continuing to feel rather depressed about his parents deaths, attempting to clam down his siblings too who were also saddened by this obviously, Fukanouji continued to train and go on missions for the next three years of his life, with his siblings, during which time both of his siblings ended up becoming Chunin.  When he turned 16 years old he took the Jonin Exam and passed fairly easily, (albiet much harder than he did for the Chunin Exam), and became a Joinin.  He continued to go on missions for a couple more months until he began his own ninja squad in his father's memory known as Team 12, also known as Team Mizuakari, in which he took on three talented Genin students.  Over the next two years, although going on a few more Shinobi Missions, he tried to focus most of time and effort training his three new students.  Although he simented himself pretty well as a harsh and brutial teacher, often putting him at odds with not only his students, but also their parents and other friends and family members, he has showed many times that he does care about them and is willing to do anything, (aside from killing them, such as Kakashi Hatake has done in the past), to make them improve and make them stronger.  He trained them not only in Shinobi Arts, (more specifically Ninjutsu and Taijutsu), but also Samurai Arts, eitther both of them or whichever they preferred the most. 

He remained in this position for the next two years roughly, during which time he also started going out with one of the women in Konohagakure, which was a relationship which only lasted for roughly two months before they ended up breaking up on equal terms, despite still clearly caring for each other.  Shortly after he turned 18, Fukanouji ended up leaving Konohagakure as a Rouge Ninja, for unknown reasons, and wandered around the Shinobi World for several months.  He single handedly raided villages, killed innocent people, burnt down buildings and houses, stole personal items of people's, and many other things all in order to achieve the goal of finding information on who killed his parents, whom he found out were still alive because the cuplrits in question here didn't die during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War; when he left Konoha he was joined by one of his brothers, Shun Mizuakari, who wanted to locate them as much as he did.  When the two left, they were classified as trators by Konoha standards, and began to be despised by their other brother, Hoheto who, after becoming a Jonin, would purpousely attempt to get sent on missions looking for them just so that he could kill them himself.  The two of them ended up eventually settling down in a village close to Konoha, within the Land of Fire, known as Tanzaku Town, without anyone living in the village being aware of their true identieies or that they were currently on the run from Konoha's government.  It's during this time that he finally met his Samurai rival, Sotaru Kenshin, who left the gigantic X-Shaped scar on his left cheek during a particularly difficult battle that the two of them had with one another. 

Fukanouji Mizuakari5

Fukanouji Mizuakari attempting to attack Shikyo Fushiawase

After a couple of months living alone with his brother in Tanzaku Town, being lucky enough to not have any more encounters with Konoha Shinobi, not even Hoheto, they're confronted by a man knwon as Shikyo Fushiawase and a woman named Seishin Hyuga, who they quickly learn are the two leading members of an organization known as the Akatsukinosora. 

Knowing full well who the Akatsuki once were, obviously, Fukanouji and Shun were instantly hesistant to speak with them and trust them, and instead commenced to attack them in personal defense.  After several seconds, howver, shikyo alone ended up putting both of them down and fatally wounding him using just his Taijutsu skills alone, and then commenced to speak with them, asking them if they want to join the Akatsukinosora.  The two of them initially refuse this, not trusting them at all.  However, after some convincing, Fukanouji and Shun returns to them several days later in order to accept their request, and ends up becoming official Akatsukinosora members, partnered with each other during missions, stationed with the main Akatsukinosora headquarters, but continuing to live in Tanzaku Town together whenever they're able to.  The reason they agreed to join the Akatsukinosora finally is due to the fact that Konohagakure was finally beginning to clue in on their location and sending ANBU Black Ops stronger than them after them, and being Akatsukinosora Members would give them additional needed protection from these undesirable forces continuously searching for them. Their first major mission in the Akatsukinosora, two weeks after joining, was to infultrate the land they were born in, the Land of Iron, and assassinate the head, Mifune.  Due to Fukanouji's speaking skills he managed to quickly convince Mifune's personal guard to betray their master, so that Fukanouji himself could easily assassinate Mifune and the Akatsukinosora could take complete control over the Land of Iron. 

After their first mission Fukanouji took a leave of absence with Shun so that the former could train to see if he could learn the Fluyid Release Kekkei Genkai, due to him being part of the Clan who was known for it, the Mizuakari Clan.  This training took an entire year, which consisted of nearly endless training.  He first snuck into Iwagakure to steal the Fluid Release Scrolls, as that's the village where the Kekkei Genkai originated from, and then headed back to his and his brother's own personal training ground, in which they trained together. 


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Innate AbilitiesEdit

Chakra PowersEdit

Despite his age Fukanouji has an enormous amount of Chakra in order to pull of all of the Jutsu that he does.  He's able to pull off many high level techniques in rapid succession without tiring, and even use them at the same time without tiring.  His Chakra, when used as an invisible weapon, can be used to crush boulders, implant holes in the sides of mountains, and knock over or destroy many trees at once, all the while simultaneously causing huge gusts of wind to rapidly blow without even using any of his Wind Release Powers.  Aside from using his standard elemental abilities and his Kekkei Genkai, Fluid Release, his Chakra can easily be used for other things, as well.  If he generates his Chakra through the blade of his Katana he can not only make it much sharper for much faster and much more efficient cutting powers, as well as cutting up his enemies from a distance instead having to be right next to them in order to do that.  In addition, the great speed that he's well known for doesn't come naturally; instead, he uses his Chakra to artificially increase his overall speed, which allows for his great Swordsmenship Powers and his great Taijutsu Powers.  In terms of coloration, it comes in dark red with a dark orange outline to it.  Fukanouji also appears to have almost perfect control over his Chakra, at least when he starts a battle; over the course of the battle, like anyone, he'll begint o gradually run out of Chakra, and he'll loose control of his Chakra a little bit, but he's never actually seen coming to a point wher e he lost control of it completely, to the point where he comments that he'd end up dying before he'd loose control of his Chakra completely. 

Skilled OratorEdit

One of Fukanouji's most noticable and memorable skills are his speaking skills how good he is with people in terms of speaking with them and making nagotiations.  Because of this, ever since he has joined the Akatsukinosora, he became one of their head guys when it comes to nagotiating with nations and villages, and making treaties between them and nations or villages.  Although not one of the greatest manipulators in the world, he's very good with, given enough time, convincing others to work with either him and/or the Akatsukinosora, even if they outright refuse to at first, seen clearly when he confronts many Samurai from the Land of Iron, and convinces them to turn on Mifuen, so that they wouldn't stop him from assassinating him, (due to none of them being capable of even coming close to doing something like that anyways).  He has a very smooth voice which feels gentle and calming to those he talks to, (and very popular among the ladies), and he has a way of telling people exactly what they want to hear, even if they're flat out lies.  In order to do this, he's even confident enough with his own skills to throw down his Katana if he needs to, an even further testament to his Orating Powers. 


Strategical Intelligence:  Fukanouji is well known for his strategical skills during combat, being fully capable of outsmarting his enemies to a great extent.  During a battle he memorizes every move that not only he makes, but also that his opponent or opponents' makes, and cultivates them together in his mind in order to create the proper tactical plan to kill his enemies.  Although unconfirmed, Shikyo did theorize that he may have an IQ of at least 210, which would account for so much of his strategical genius, being capable of easily formulating plans for up to 10 or more steps in advance, in a matter of minutes, while simultaneously engaging in combat. 

Memory:  Fukanouji is described as having a masterful photographic memory, being able to not only easily memorize every move that he and his opponent or opponent's make during a long battle, but also make up plans 10 or more steps ahead and remember them perfectly; all of this, according to Shikyo, is probably an attrubute to Fukanouji having an IQ of at least 210.     

Grandmaster SwordsmenEdit

Fukanouji Mizuakari3

Fukanouji Mizuakari demonstrating his masterful swordsmanship abilities

Despite all of his other abilities, Fukanouji is and always has been a grandmaster at swordsplay, and as such has always been his go to ability during battle.  He never goes anywhere without his katana.  Once drawn, he's easily able to instantly take down several enemies in the blink of an eye, and doing the same when sheathing it back up again, so quick that the naked eye is incapable of detecting his movements.  His swordsmenship skills are sometimes referred to as otherwordly, considering that he inherited all of the swordsmenship powers from his father, who was as legendary a Samurai as Mifune wa sin the Land of Iron; some say that he has possibly even surpassed his father at this point, too.  Proof of his rising skill was him being able to assassinate Mifune single handedly using only his sword during an Akatsukinosora mission.  Fukanouji's light frame allows for him to achieve hyperspeed, moving so rapidly and so fast that he often times outmatches the speed of the human eye, and even skilled Sharingan users, such as Sasuke Uchiha, have trouble keeping up with him; and that's wihout using his Kekkei Genkai Fluid Release, which increases his speed even further yet.  His speed not only allows him to slip from his enemies eyesight quickly, but also affects not only the cu tting power, but also the physical force of it too, seen clearly when he cut Mifune's katana in half like butter, despite the fact that Mifune's katana was made of the strongest materials in the world, and thus was supposed to be the strongest and most durable regular katana ever created.  His most favored move to end battles quickly is to use his immense speed to appear behind his enemy or enemies, only to reveal that he's already cut them to shreads without anyone, them or anyone else, even noticing it at all.  Even a large group of enemies ganging up on him at once appears to be no trouble, due to his speed, agility, reflexes, and flexibility all together, giving him the ability to slice them up with ease.  Because of his Swordsmenship Abilities, he's renowned all over the world as the "Battosai" as well as the "Man Slayer" as many believe he is completely unrivaled in the art of the sword, froma nyone who came before him or after him; although he has referenced one person who is still alive today who was a better swordsmen han even him, although who that person was remains a mystery to this very day.  Not only is he skilled using his Katana the normal way, but he's also skilled using the handle to bash hard against an enemie, to break or even shatter completely bones and/or muscles, extremely brutially, and do it as fast as he normally fights, even constantly switching back and fourth between both styles of fighting with his Katana.  Fukanouji's swordsmenship powers have always been considered to be on a prodigal level, but have only enhanced and expanded over his few years of life; due to this, Shikyo theorizes that, with time, he could eventually become a Kamui of Swordsmenship in the far future, (or near future), between 30 and 40 years old, roughly.  It's unknown exactly how many techniques he knows with the sword, but the number is presumed to be vast, and he claims that he hasn't shown off anywhere close to all of them as of yet. 
  • Jinsoku Setsudan ( lit. Rapid Cutting):  This is a simple yet powerful technique.  To use, the practitioner will begin to rapidly sheath and unsheath their sword so fast that, under normal circumstances, the human eye will not be able to trace them.  This actually has two effects.  The first, and most obvious, is easily cutting through many weaker enemies with each swipe, and wounding stronger ones even.  The second, once the sword has been sheathed, is a rapid defense against any Melee attacks or Weapons or Tool based attacks, including enemy swords.  The only requirment for using the technique is for Fukanouji to bend his knees down a little bit, which he can do in a split second.  The only major weakness of performing this technique is that it tires out Fukanouji a great deal, even using it just once, and thus weakens him; because of this, he only likes to use it when no powerful enemies are around, who could easily take advantage of his weakened state and kill him, or at least severely wound him. 
  • Ryodan ( lit. Bisection):  By holding both hands ont he handle of his or her sword, he or she lifts up and swings down quickly, allowing them to cut one or more enemies in two halves, easily killing them.  According to Fukanouji, only those who have used the technique can confirm the fate of the victim.  This is due to a blinding yellow light glowing from the beginning of it's usage to the end of it's usage, which prevents anyone but the user from seeing it; the user can see right through it.  The light, as Fukanouji has demonstrated time and time again, also acts as a shield of sorts, blocking of all outside forces, preventing anyone from stepping in and saving the victim, unless they personally actually have the power to overpower it.  If they throw weapons or fire Jutsu at it they'll be blocked off, and if they touch it they'll be severely injured, if not killed, as well. 
  • Mikazuki no Mai (三日月の舞  lit. Dance of the Three Days' Moon, also known as Dance of the Creacent Moon):  The user creates two shadow clones before proceeding to assault the enemy, with the clones attacking from the left and right and the user attacking from above. The assault occurs on three fronts simultaneously; it is almost impossible to catch the opponent flat-footed. Furthermore, the mighty sword strikes are so severe that receiving a blow from just even one among the three will inevitably result in a fatal wound.   The style and magnificence of how the user and their shadow clones leap and swing their swords at the opponent's upper body creates an orbital pattern, the elegance of which is reminiscent to the shape of a crescent moon, hence the technique's name.  
  • Hiken:  Tsuchikage (秘剣・月影 lit. Secret Sword:  Midnight):  The practitioner rushes to their opponent with great speed before leaping towards and attacking them with a vertical sword strike, leaving a trace of afterimage in the process. 
  • Oborozukiyo (朧月夜 lit. Hazy Moon Night also known as Moonlit Night):  Fukanouji rushes toward their opponent with a sword strike, leaving an afterimage in their wake. 
  • Furidashiyaiba (し · し · · lit. Toss Blade):  By tossing his sword with the blade facing the target, Fukanouji can cause it to perce straight through the enemy at rapid speed, possibly even bolt through them and into other enemies. 
  • Furidashitsuka (し · し · · lit. Toss Hilt):  This is a variant of the previous ability mentioned, Furidashiyaiba, but instead of throwing the sword blade first, Fukanouji will throw it hilt first.  By doing this, instead of having the sword slgiht through the target, it'll instead smash into the target hilt first, completely crushing whatever bodypart that it strikes. 
  • Tsukadoto ( lit. Hilt Smash):  This is a technique wh ere the practitioner takes the hilt of the Zanpakuto and smashes it hard directly on the intended target, successfullyl crushing whichever part is struck. 
  • Senmaioroshi (千枚卸 lit. Thousand-Page Wholesale):  Multiple extremely fast blade movements take place, shredding a target into pieces. 
  • Hitotsume:  Nadegiri (一つ目・撫で斬り lit. The First:  Killing Stroke):  A precision cut of extreme force and speed which can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. This slash is so precise and swift, its victims are not even aware of it until after it has taken place.
  • Togiretogireyaiba ( lit. Broken Blade):  This is a technique that Fukanouji devised himself, utilizing not only great speed, but a large amount of physical strength, to break an enemy's sword blade in two halves by swinging his own katana blade down on top of it, slicing it like butter.  Fukanouji first used this technique against Mifune, cutting his sword like it was nothing, killing him shortly afterwards; ever since then, this has quickly became one of Fukanouji's favorite and most used techniques, at least during one on one battles, due to how easy and simple it is to perform despite it's usefulness. 
  • Denkishiki Domeihigyo ( lit. Electrical Strike):  This is a powerful and useful technique devised by Fukanouji's father, and passed on to Fukanouji himself, as well as a select few other Samurai, such as his brother, Hoheto Mizuakari.  By building up enough friction with the swings, and pouring enough of his Chakra into it, Fukanouji can temporarily generate a bit of electricity on and around the blade of his sword, allowing his slashes to pack a much larger punch when used.  The enemy he strikes direclty will take the full brunt of the attack, but anyone nearby, if they're not careful, will still get struck by the remnent electricity left behind.  Due to it's usefulness, however, it does take a lot out of Fukanouji when he does use it, so he prefers not to use it unless he's certain that he can take out most of, if not all of, his current enemies with it very quickly. 
  • Akaakato Domeihigyo (と · と · 々と · 々と lit. Flaming Strike):  This technique is similar to the previous technique, Denshiki Domeihigyo, only at least three times more powerful.  Like the previous technique, it was first developed by Fukanouji's father, and passed on to Fukanouji himself, as well as a select few other Samurai, such as his brother, Hoheto Mizuakari.  By building up a gigantic amount of friction with the swings, and pouring a gigantic amount of his Chakra into it, Fukanouji can temporarily generate a bit of flames on and around the blade of his sword, allowing his slashes to pack a much larger punch when used; when used in a forest or jungle type setting, he can burn the said forest or jungle down with ease.  The enemy he strikes directly will take the full brunt of the attack, but anyone nearby, if tehy're not careful, will still get struck by the remnent flames left behind.  Due to it's usefulness, however, it does take a lot out of Fukanouji when he does use it, (even more so than the previous technique), so he prefers not to use it unless he's certain that he can take out most of, if not all of, his current enemie swith it very quickly. 
  • Haritoken ( lit. Stretch Sword):  This is a technique devised in ancient times to use to eliminate many opponent's at the same time on the battlefield without being noticed by your victims or anyone else, and has since been passed down through the Mizuakari Clan as one of the deadliest.  When he sticks his Katana out in front of him, and puts enough of his Chakra into it, Fukanouji can stretch the blade for vast distances, thereby allowing him to pierce many of them in rapid succession, easily killing them.  According to Fukanouji, the maximum length that it stretches to is always 100 times the original length, but the user can always make it stretch a lesser distance if the full distance isn't required for the desired kill. 
  • Gyakuharitoken ( lit. Reverse Stretch Sword):  This is a technique also devised in ancient times to use to eliminate many opponent's at the same time on the battlefield.  However, instead of being used to kill enemies without being noticed, this one is used purely for widescale deception, against enemies who can't be taken out unless you trick them first.  The practitioner will usually begin by acting like they've been defeated, holding their Katana with their blade in front of them, helding slightly up, but not too high up as to raise suspicion.  Then, when the time is right, they raise it the rest of the way up and call out the technique, which will then cause a blade to briefly appear on the end of the handle, which will then stretch far behind them, killing any enemies that are in it's path.  Although it looks like a blade that's actually on the handle, Fukanouji explains that it's actually just a blast of Chakra energy that looks exactly like the blade when it's stretched, and just as sharp and deadly; like with the regular blade stretching technique, this one stretches to a maximum of 100 times the blade's original length, but the user can cause it to stretch a shorter length if they want to. 
  • Kaijoharitoken (り lit. Massive Stretch Sword):  This is essentially an expanded version of Haritoken, except it's far more powerful.  By holding his sword out in front of him, he can stretch his sword one again, but it's length is much longer, being 8.1 miles long supposedly.  Atlhough Fukanouji has yet to actually master this technique, he claims that it's full power would have the potential of leveling a small village with ease.  It's also able to stretch to it's full length at the speed of sound. 
  • Kaijogyakuharitoken ( lit. Massive Reverse Stretch Sword):  This is essentailly an expanded version of Gyakuharitoken, except that it's far more powerful.  By holding his swor dout in front of him, Fukanouji will call out the technique and a sphere of Chakra will appear around the handle, in in the form of his sword's blade, and stretch far behind him.  Like with Kaijoharitoken, Fukanouji has yet to master this technique completely, but he claims that it's ful power has the potential of leveling a large village with ease.  Like with Kaijoharitoken, this blade stretches up to 8.1 miles in length, and it travels at the speed of sound. 
  • Yonsenyoshidanpen ( lit. Thousand Point Shred):  This technique allows Fukanouji to press, or simply grave, the chest of his enemy with the tip of his Katana.  When he does this, it'll affect them as if one thousand blades were striking them, from all ends, simultaneously, and shred them to death from the inside out. 

Taijutsu ExpertEdit

General Hand to Hand Powers:  Although Swordsmenship is Fukanouji's first and most desired form of combat, that isn't to denote his ability in Taijutsu, which is undboutedly his second greatest ability.  Although before joining the Akatsukinosora his skills weren't very good at all really, due to countless hours of training by Shikyo Fushiawase, the leader of the Akatsukinosora, who's known as the Legendary Taijutsu Grandmaster, Fukanouji's skills in Taijutsu have ground greatly, and are still expanding even now as he trains more and more.  Like most Taijutsu Masters, Fukanouji excells in the Strong Fist style of Taijutsu, which is the most popular type definitely.  Like with his Swordsmenship, his immense speed aids him in his Taijutsu, including regular hand to hand combat, and all of the individual techniques that he possesses, which are immense in and of themselves.  Fukanouji will commonly use a series of quick jabs, punches, kicks, and throws, all in rapid succession, concluding with quick, durable blocks when attacked himself,  in order to easily take down a group of enemies.  His throws are so strong and intense to force standard Jonin level Shinobi or Samurai, as well as anyone whom their thrown into, to loose their breath almost instantaneously; after this, it'll take them awhile to be able to regain their composure and continue fighting oncea gain, which will give Fukanouji the oppertunity to go in for the kill, provided that the throw itself didn't kill them already. 


Nature TransformationEdit

From his mother, who was the Shinobi of his parents, Fukanouji leanred how to perform two nature transformations, namely Wind Release and Water Release, which are also the components for his Kekkei Genkai, Fluid Release. 

Wind Release Powers:  The first element, of his three, that he learned how to control was Wind Release, which has always been seen as his natural affinity.  Fukanouji is able to effortlessly manipulate the surrounding wind, as well as create wind when there is none to use at his disposel.  His affinity for wind is so great that he's able to see any Wind Release technique, regardless of how weak or how advanced it is, and learn the Hand Seals for it and use them and his Chakra to perform the technique; his only real weakness in this regard is if his enemy performs their hand seals so rapidly fast that he's unable to desipher what they actually are.  Although he is certinally able to create wind if their is none, his Wind Release techniques will obviously be far more powerful if he uses natural wind instead.  This occured during his and Shun's mission in the Land of Hurricanes, in which no Wind Release, Water Release, or Lightning Release attacks could come even close to penetrating his defense of wind.  Some of his signature techniques include Wind Release:  Tornadoes, Wind Release:  Hurricane, Wind Release:  Thousand Tornadoes, Wind Release:  Sword Blades, among others; due to observing Naruto Uzumaki in battle he has obtained knowledge of how to perform the basic Rasengan; however, his pales in comparison to Naruto's, and is in fact compared moreso to Kakashi Hatake's Rasengan.  Aside from creating and controlling the wind, he can also use the Katana that he has on him at all times to better control and easier manuever and direct the wind, which is very useful for the most powerful Wind Release Techniques. 

  • Wind Release:  Dance of Blades:  This is a simple technique which allows Fukanouji, by swinging his katana, to create dozens of large blades made out of wind to attack his opponent with.  Each blade is said to be sharp enough to slice through the earth's core, and are so fast that it's incredibly difficult to actually dodge them.  This technique is unique because, despite it's usefulness, it takes up very little Chakrka to use due to how small that each blade is in actual size; this makes it one of hte techniques that Fukanouji usually tends to span the most out of all of the other techniques in his arsenal. 
  • Wind Release:  Dance of the Dragon and Serpent:  This move summons several tornadoe-like things, (although not actual tornadoes), to attack his enemies. They can pick up and throw opponents into the air as well as ripping them to shreds with massive wind power.  Although it's a very useful ability, it appears to be much weaker than his Wind Release:  Tornado ability, let alone his Wind Release:  Thousand Tornadoes ability. 
  • Wind Release:  Wind Gust:  This ability allows Fukanouji to wave his katana rapidly to create a simple strong gust of wind to blow his enemies away, good for defensive purposes or attacks.

Water Release Powers: Although not as profund as his Wind Release Powers, Fukanouji still has a rather high level of expertise at using Water Release, mainly due to training that his brother, Hoheto Mizuakari, underwent with him years ago, as his highest skills lies in Water Release, as well as their mother pitching in here and their.  Due to his rather low level in Water Release, like the vast majority of Water Release Users, Fukanouji does require a prexisting source of water, weather it be a pond, a lake, a stream, an ocean, or even something as small as a miniature fountain or as large as rainfall commensing; due to this immediate drawback, due to Fukanouji living in Tanzaku Town, he's unable to protect the town using Water Release unless he goes to the outskirts of town or it begins to rain.  When the conditions are met, however, Fukanouji is able to accomplish quite a bit in a standard battle or just a general mission using Water Release, albeit still having his own limitations with it.  Any standard abilities, such as Water Shark Jutsu, Water Spouts Jutsu, or Water Prison Jutsu, among others, Fukanouji can perform with ease.  His Chakra, if he concentrates it, is able to generate a field of water around him but, instead of acting as a shield, (unless he specifically wants it to), it gives him easier access to use water for his techniques, especially if he's high up off the ground, far enough away from an existing body of water in which his techniques wouldn't normally be able to work in full or at all. 

  • Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu (水遁・水龍弾の術 lit. Water Release:  Water Dragon Technique):  The Water Dragon Technique is, in the hands of almost anyone, regardless of their skill or Chakra Level, one of the strongest and most destructive Water Release techniques, so long as they're actually able to perform it.  Once all the hand seals required for it are formed, from beind the caster will appear a gigantic, thick, several story dragon, made out of pure water, which the caster is then able to control at his or her own will.  Due to the power of this technique, it takes up a frightening amount of Chakra to perform and as such, Fukanouji much prefers to not use if if he doens't have to.  For him it takes the full set of hand seals, (forty four), , as well as several seconds before and after he uses the hand seals to build up Chakra, not to mention the time it takes to perform; during all of the aforementioned time, he's completely open to all enemy attacks, unless he has comrades nearby to temporarily protect him.  In addition, it takes up so much of his Charka when he uses it, (if he uses it at it's full power, that is), that it tires him out instantaneously so he can't do much of anything, (except for maybe his swordsmens kills, albeit still not being at full potential), until he's fully recooporated for awhile.  It's for this reason that he only uses it during situations where he can finish the mission in one strike, (or at least finish his oprtion of the mission in one strike, and his comrades with him can fight for him then while he saftely rests for awhile), and all the while they don't see him at all. 
  • Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu (水遁・水鮫弾の術 lit. Water Release:  Water Shark Technique):  The Water Shark technique allows Fukanouji to form a gigantic shark made out of water to attack the enemy at rapid speed.  Atlhough not possessing as much raw power than the Water Dragon due to it's size, the advantage of using the Water Shark is that it's much faster than the Water Dragon; the Water Dragon is a lot slower than the Water Shark due to it's sheer size. 
  • Suiro no Jutsu (水牢の術 lit. Water Release:  Water Prison Technique): This is a technique which allows Fukanouji to trap his victims within a circular prison of water.  Although some exceptions can apply, most victims will loose their breaths very quickly, and after awhile will end up drowning due to a lack of oxogyn.  Even those who can hold their breaths for a long time are prevented, at least for awhile, from aiding anyone else in battle, or going anywhere in general, because it's extremely difficult to break out of normally, (albeit not nearly impossible).  Although a skilled user of this technique, such as Kisame Hoshigaki and Zabuza Momochi, can use many at once and still keep them all up with water clones, while the main body is fighting other opponents, with little to no effort at all, Fukanouji's skill int his technique, albeit not being at the level ofa  beginner, is no where near the that level.  His highest number of Water Prisons, as seen during his raid on the Land of Iron, is three, (he's stated that it's still the same today, too), and he has to keep a Water Clone attached to each one of them at all times to keep each one of them it going.  In additon, although his real self can still fight other enemies at once, the range which he has to remain to them is very limited; supposedly, he can't get more than eye distance away from them which, in the Land of Iron, isn't very far at all really.  Unlike most practitioners of this technique, Fukanouji does not actually have the ability to close in the Water Prison on the victim eather, which would be incredibly useful if he did. 

Kekkei GenkaiEdit

Fluid ReleaseEdit

Due to his great skill in Water Release and Wind Release, and being part of the Mizuakari Clan, Fukanouji eventually became one of the Shinobi in his Clan possible of unlocking the advanced nature Kekkei Genkai Fluid Release, which is a Kekkei Genkai that gives him many unique abilities.  The Fluid Release allows Fukanouji to either manipulate or create and manipulate many types of liquids and gasses to cause acicity, corrosion, or viscocity.  It's very powerful and useful, but uses up an enormous amount of Chakra, which means that he can't use it for a far extended period of time, (his current total duration of using Fluid Release is an hour at a time, with a required hour of cool down time at least).  When activated, Fukanouji's body will instantly begin to slick with a wet, sticky, greenish-yellowish slime, which serves as the base of every technique that he can use with his Kekkei Genkai, which he does have an immense number of, (in addition to making all of his standard Water Release Techniques and Wind Release Techniques more powerful than they'd normally be). 

  • Chosan Nendoshitsutama ( · · · lit. Superacid Slimy Bullet):  In order to activate this technique, it's required that Fukanouji releases a certain amount of Fluid so he can easier modify the look and form of his own saliva.  When he does this, he is able to shoot out a large bullet of tan, fluid.  Most assume that, due to it's shape, power, and Chakra waves, that it's simply a bullet that mixes wind and water; in reality, while it does use a of his lot of wind and water chakra, it also contains a lot of his own saliva.  This allows him to alter the form and shape of it in mid launch, which no amount or implementation of his Chakra will even allow for.  The salt in his saliva actually expands it, making it more powerful.  Once the attack strikes, the remains of the bullet also acts as a corrosive acid, corroding anything and anyone that it happens to touch, (and a heat will be given off to it, which can be felt by people even if it doesn't touch them directly, albeit still not hurting them, though). 
  • Chosan Kusarekuzu(れ'れ lit. Superacid Corroding Waste):  This is a very broad technique as it is not only present with all Fluid Release Techniques, (or at least, with the remains of them), but Fukanouji can also use it completely alone, too.  It allows him to emmit a super corrosive acid which can dissolve almost anything and anyone it touches into absolute nothingness, albeit still having it's limits.  Even if it doesn't touch you, it emmits a heat which you can feel so intensely from several yards away.  This technique is technically automatc, as the slime running off of Fukanouji when he first activates the Fluid Release is this very acid; however, he can also touch people or things to easier spread it, or direct it with his own Chakra to get around faster.  This slime produced also gives Fukanouji an extra defense, preventing any attacks that are Taijutsu or weapons, (ninja tools, swords, or other), from harming him on most occasions, as they will be corroded away instantly, (the fists or feet if it's Taijutsu, or the ninja tools, swords, or other if it's weapons). 
  • Daidaiteki Jochaku ( · lit. Great Evaporation, Grand Evaporation, Extensive Evaporation, or Large-Scale Evaporation):  This is a technique which allows Fukanouji to temporarily surpass his own limitations while using Fluid Release, albeit only for an additional minute or two usually.  It allows him to evaporate all of the liquids and fluids around him, (usually surrounding water or snow which he turns into water by evaporating it, but can be the remains of his Fluid Release Techniques as well), and then absorbs them into himself in order to give him additional, yet temporary, power with his Kekkei Genkai during battle.  As a last resort technique, due to the dire risk it has to fatally wound or kill him, (due to how much Chakra it consumes of his), he only uses it if he's completely out of all other options during battle.  When he's done using it, if he's still alive he has no other choice but to flee from the battle, as he will not be able to attack or defend himself for a long while during the aftermath of it's usage, which is really it's only risk. 
  • Fuketsu Gyoshuku(' lit. Impure Condensation):  ''In order to use this technique, Fukanouji must first have 'a 'Portable Water Field''and use it.  When he does, he'll summon large amounts of water from it, (the water will turn to an odd shade of orange in color), he'll stick his hands in the water and rapidly increase the heat to rapidly increase the amount of alchohol content so it's like Whisky or Brandy.  When he does this, he can sent the water in jets or spouts to defend his from long, medium, or short ranged attacks, or to attack his enemies from short, medium, or rather long ranges.  Due to the amount of alcoholic content int he water, if inhaled or ingested, it could actually burn the enemy from the inside out, successfully killing them. 
  • Yoyumune no Jutsu ( · ' lit. Melting Heart Technique)This is a unique ability which allows Fukanouji to actually transform other objects or other people into a fluid form.  By changing his Chakra into a Fluidsing form, he can quickly alter the cells in anything or anyone he touches, (or gravitates the acid dripping off of him to and has touch them), and thereby can change them into any type of fluid that he wants to.  This fluid can then just be left alone, used for other Fluid Release Tecniques, or absorbed into him if he decides to use Daidaiteki Jochaku.  It's a very useful technique to take down many weaker enemies easier, (anyone turned into the liquid is killed instantaneously), or get into secret passageways much easier.  Although, there are limits; if an enemy has too much Chakra and can repel Fukanouji's Chakra while using the technique, then it won't actually work, albeit no real drawbacks to him will occur besides the obvious waste of Chakra that it was to even attempt it to begin with. 
  • 'Satsugaisha Onara no Jutsu (殺害者' lit. Murderer Gas Technique):  'This is a technique which allows Fukanouji to releasee a powerful, deadly gas, which can easily kill a lot of low level and higher level enemies at a time.  He can spray this from anywhere on his body.  If it's out of the visible holes on his body, such as his mouth, eyes, ears, or nose, then it will first appear as a gas; however, he can also quickly convert the acid dripping out of his skin, (whcih is released from both his pores and his Chakra Points), into the gas itself to use for this technique.  The gas can come in three colors.  The initial color is yellow, which is the lowest power.  After that will be purple, and then black.  The black gas, albeit still not being 'able to actually kill him, (at least not for a long 'while, anyways), is the only gas known that can 'fatally wound and greatly weaken Shikyo Fushiawase, who's well known for his godly imunity to poisons.  'The gas is so thick 'that it can actually serve as a low durable shield or barrier as well; however, this part' 'is involuntary, (can't be controlled by Fukanouji), and can only block away low level attacks.  By' including a larger amount of Water Release Chakra into it, he can turn it into poisons rain, which is also power defined by it's color same as the gas. 



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  • (To Hoheto Mizuakari) "Then and now, What I protect has never changed." 
  • (To Kokuhyo Nara) "The country?  The skies?  You can have them!  I'm busy enough protecting what's in front of me.  I don't know how many times I failed to protect what I wanted.  I have nothing left, so at least if something has fallen at my feet I'll pick it up." 
  • (To Shun Mizuakari) "What's the use of fighting a futile fight?  Do you really intend to lose more of your friends for something like that?  I'll pass on that, as long as I'm alive I'll live by my own rules.  I'll live how I see beautiful and protect those I love." 
  • (To Hoheto Mizuakari) "So what if the government collapses or the country is ruined!  I'm not civic-minded!  All I want is to stand tall and live on until the day I collapse and die!" 
  • (To Might Guy) "If you have enough free time to fantasize about your beautiful death...why not live your life beautifully to the end?" 
  • (To Shun Mizuakari) "A samurai doesn't need a reason to take action.  If something needs saving, all you have to do is grab your sword." 
  • (To Shikyo Fushiawase) "All of a sudden I'm feeling this weight again.  If I threw it away it might be easier, but somehow I don't feel like it.  It would be too boring to keep walking without them." 
  • (To Shikyo Fushiawase) "Listen, I don't care what you do around the universe, but this is my sword, and anywhere it reaches is my country!" 
  • (To Seishin Hyuga) "Men don't need to speak the same language, they can communicate with their soul." 
  • (To Hoheto Mizuakari) "Weather I go or not I'll die anyway, I have an organ more important than my heart.  Although you can't see it, I feel it going through my head down to my feet, and I know it exists within me.  It lets me stand on my feet, it lets me walk forward without trembling.  If I stop here, I feel like it would break...My soul will break." 
  • (To To Kokuhyo Nara) "Anyone can bare their fangs to protect someone.  Unfortunately, you have nothing to protect, Kokuhyo.  You're just a monster." 
  • (To Hoheto Mizuakari) "Sorry, but I have no interest in fighting for something that may not even exist.  It's never really been my style.  I fight to protect what I can see, not something that's created only from the illusionary dreams of the weak minded.  If my blade can reach it, then I'll protect it...if not, then it's not my problem." 
  • (To Seishin Hyuga) "They say there's no such place as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, its always the same road. It just goes on and on... But in spite of that, why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me. It says, 'Search for Paradise.'"
  • (To Momose Steph) "I won’t die!  Please Momose, if I know you’re waiting for me I’ll make it back no matter what! …It’s the only thing that can get me through this. If I know you’re here. I won’t give up. I’ll do whatever it takes to get back to you. I promise. I’ll never leave you alone, Momose. 
  • (To Gengaku) "And that is very admirable, Gengaku.  However, it's time that you faced reality.  If you want to change this village, it's about time you realize that you'll need to go the extra mile, and help us change the rest of the world, too.  It's not just Amegakure that's rotten and's the entire world that's rotten and corrupt...the corruption started long before the conception of this village, and spread here from distant, or perhaps not to distant, lands."  Regardless of how much you fight here, evil forces...corrupt, rotten individuals and powers...will continue to migrate to Amegakure, making all your hard work and effort completely meaningless.  But the Akatsukinosora is the answer.  We will not only rid the filth from Amegakure, but from the entire world, and finally send it on the road of peace.  However, we can't do that without your help." 


  • Fukanouji means "An Impossibility." 
  • Mizuakari means "Faint Reflection of Light Upon the Water in the Dark" althought he original intention of it's meaning was "The Dark that Covers the Light." 
  • According to the databooks:
    • Fukanouji's favorite word is "Slice." 
    • Fukanouji's favorite phrase is "I am the blade." 
    • Fukanouji's least favorite word is "Dull" referring to a blade dulling. 
    • Fukanouji's least favorite phrase is "Broken Blade." 
    • According to the author, Fukanouji's official theme song is Chooe Your Fate from Story of the Year's third album The Black Swan. 
    • The author has yet to choose an original OST for Fukanouji as of yet. 
    • Fukanouji's favorite food is Tekanyaki with a side of rice. 
    • Fukanouji's least favorite food is Yakiniku.  He also hates anything with Wasabi. 
    • Fukanouji's favorite drink is Ramune.  He also drinks Saki quite often, as well. 
    • Fukanouji's least favorite drink is Umeshu Plum Whine. 
    • While in Konohagakure, Fukanouji took on a total of 123 official missions:  100 D Rank Missions, 10 C Rank Missions, 10 B Rank Missions, 2 A Rank Missions, and 1 S Rank Mission.  During these missions, Fukanouji was almost always joined by his brothers Hoheto Mizuakari and/or Shun Mizuakari. 
    • While in the Akatsukinosora, Fukanouji took on a total of 500 official missions thus far:  400 D Rank Missions, 50 C Rank Missions, 25 B Rank Missions, 15 A Rank Missions, and 10 S Rank Missions.  During these missions, Fukanouji was always joined by his brother and Akatsukinosora partner Shun Mizuakari. 
    • Druing his time in both Konohagakure and the Akatsukinosora, Fukanouji took on a total of 623 official missions:  500 D Rank Missions, 60 C Rank Missions, 35 B Rank Missions, 17 A Rank Missions, and 11 S Rank Missions. 
    • Fukanouji wishes to fight his brother, Hoheto Mizuakari. 


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