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Yasuki was on his way to a conference in another village and decided to stop in a small farming village for dinner. 

Yamashiro Youki was meditating outside of a hotel. A man he dosnt know named Yasuki passed him. He didnt think any of it as he was focusing on meditating.

Kaizen, was on his way to a hotel for a meeting with a ninja, he was walking along the path humming.

In his latest trip, this time to the Land of Noodles, Tsumibito of the Frost Village detected alarmingly powerful chakra signatures, clustered around a single hotel. Putting down his drink, the young androgynous man sighed. And his vacation had been so nice until now... Calmly creating ice cubes to keep his drink cold, he stood up, thanking the waitress and asking her to save his seat. As he strolled towards the hotel, people too close to him began to shiver, as his aura chilled the air in his immediate presence.

Yasuki felt the temperature around him dropping and went outside the hotel to determine what the cause of it was. 

While meditaiting Yamashiro had a sudden chill down his spine. His eyes oppened intantly. He thinks to himself "I guess alot of powerful ninja are gathering up, better make sure no one gets hurt." he sigghs to himself as he gets up from the wooden porch.

Felling the chill in the temperature, Kaizen rushes to the hotel to order a room.

Tsumibito noted the chakra signatures beginning to agitate. Strange, he was sure he had remembered to rein in his chakra and killing intent. As he continued on his leisurely stroll, his left hand began to twitch in preparation for combat. It would not be long before he could feel the adrenaline once more, the struggle in which fate was decided... 

Yasuki felt powerful chakra's all around him and started gettin the urge, the urge for a battle and was excited about it.

Yamashiro stoped to think if he should even get involed with the fight.

Kaizen goes down to the diner after he gets everything settled in his room, he notices a few people from different villages. But one in particular person he notices is this one buff person (Yasuki) and he thinks to himself, "Well now, he must be strong."

Tsumibito entered the area, mentally matching the chakras to the people in the room. Well, none of them seemed to think him a threat. That was probably for the best. There didn't seem to be a battle ongoing or any overt threats, so he paused, blinked, and turned around to exit. Just a bunch of coincidentally powerful chakras in one place, no tension, no fight.

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