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Xavier walked across the unrecogniseable land, unknown of where he was. Everything looked different from where he started. He swore to himself. Despite being in this land for 5 years, the language still confused him a little when they spoke fast. Xavier wished they'd at least slow down. He sighed until he noticed a set of footprints. They where his own. "I've been walking in circles?!"

Yaichi was on his way to another possible member of Tatakau. "I wonder what this dudes skill set is like, well he must be good if Moyasu wants him." Yaichi says to himself, following a lead to where this person possibly was at.

The foreigner kicked at the dirt, visibly annoyed. Grumbling, Xavier sat down in the dirt, trying to calm down but an itching feeling emitted from his neck. It always itched whenever someone was approaching him. Getting up, he heard the distinctive sound of a ninja's voice. They all sounded the same, to him anyway. Walking quietly, he took another step, only to break a twig. Damn it!

Yaichi hears a twig snaps and stops, he then stays there for about 30 seconds and says, "Must be a rat or something." and continues walking.

Xavier sighed in relief as he saw Yaichi walk off and looked behind a tree, noticing that he was looking for someone. He merely shook it off and walked back to where he was, scuffing out the footprints.

Then Yaichi comes up to the dude and says, "I hope you didn't think I didn't know you were there, because Rats don't say Damn it!" Yaichi says.

All the hairs on Xavier's neck as he heard the man speak behind him. He turned around and looked at Yaichi, a little confused. "Don't you know it's polite to tell people that you're there before speaking."

"Well we are the only 2 people on the path, I don't know who you are, and I have the feeling that you were following me so, I have all the right reasons to sneak up behind you." Yaichi says.

Xavier just rolled his eyes and sighed. "I wasn't following you. I only noticed you were looking for something or someone. I, on the other hand, am sorta lost."

"Well, where are you going, maybe I can help you, but wait, are you Xavier Elyzum, that is the person I am looking for." Yaichi says as he backs away from the dude.

"People actually know who I am? Well this is a surprise. Yes, I am Xavier Elyzum and why do you need to know?" He stared at him skeptically, wondering how he knew about him and what he wanted.

"Well isn't that a coincidence, well let me just cut to the chase, we want you in our group Tatakau." Yaichi says.

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