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Flash Step
Name Flash Step
Kanji フラッシュ段階
Literal English Flash Step
Rank A-Rank
Type Chakra Flow
Classification Supplementary
Parent jutsu Three Sixty Tenketsu Point Seal
User(s) Raiko
Yakumo Uzumaki

Flash Step is a technique that was created by Yakumo Uzumaki and she taught it to Raiko. In order to do this technique, the user must have their chakra points sealed, then they unseal them in certain places, mainly in certain muscle areas and the nervous system. When they do this, flickers of chakra come out those areas, then eventually, chakra covers their whole body. At this point, their speed, strength, and reflexes are increased, they can move at speeds well over the speed of sound. Also, if they have good chakra control, they can mold their chakra into sharp points or other things. It doesn't act as protection, and it is very easy to absorb chakra from this technique. Another thing that it does is that, when they activate this technique, the weight of the chakra causes a small crater to form.

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