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Akaakata Domeihigyo
Name Akaakata Domeihigyo
Literal English Flaming Strike
Rank A
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Defensive
Parent jutsu Samurai Arts
User(s) Fukanouji Mizuakari, Shun Mizuakari

Akaakato Domeihigyo is a sword technique. 


This technique is similar to the previous technique, Denshiki Domeihigyo, only at least three times more powerful.  Like the previous technique, it was first developed by Fukanouji's father, and passed on to Fukanouji himself, as well as a select few other Samurai, such as his brother, Hoheto Mizuakari.  By building up a gigantic amount of friction with the swings, and pouring a gigantic amount of his Chakra into it, Fukanouji can temporarily generate a bit of flames on and around the blade of his sword, allowing his slashes to pack a much larger punch when used; when used in a forest or jungle type setting, he can burn the said forest or jungle down with ease.  The enemy he strikes directly will take the full brunt of the attack, but anyone nearby, if tehy're not careful, will still get struck by the remnent flames left behind.  Due to it's usefulness, however, it does take a lot out of Fukanouji when he does use it, (even more so than the previous technique), so he prefers not to use it unless he's certain that he can take out most of, if not all of, his current enemies switch it very quickly. 

Known UsersEdit

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