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Five Headed Demon Technique
Name Five Headed Demon Technique
Rank S
Hand Seals Unknown
Range Short
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin Release
Parent jutsu N/A
Derived jutsu Seven Headed Demon Technique
User(s) Hiraku


A technique which takes multiple souls and places them in a single body, forcing them co-exist but also forcing them to use only one of the five chakra natures; Wind, water, earth, fire and lightning to create a powerful monster shinobi. Which shinobi can use which nature is up the caster though when this jutsu is used, the five have a different base nature that is the strongest for them to use and each are set to use only that nature. The technique is also designed to allow them to speak telepathically and switch who is in control, changing which of the five natures can be used so they can work as a team that rivals a Rinnegan user in terms of raw power. However, if the five fight internally with each other during a battle for control over the body, it hinders the current controller's ability to build up and control their chakra.

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