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Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Seal
Name Five Elements Seal
Kanji 五行封印
Literal English Five Elements Seal
Other Name(s) Five Pronged Seal
Rank A rank
Hand Seals Technique Specific Seal
Range Short range
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Fūinjutsu
Derived jutsu Five Elements Unseal
User(s) Gengaku

Five Element Seal is a technique which produces a powerful seal that is used to block or disturb the flow of chakra in a target.


Once the seal is completed, the target will become unconscious and unable to fight for a short time. This jutsu was first used by Orochimaru to strengthen the seal on Naruto which contained the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. The power of this jutsu seals away the ability to call upon different chakra, as it demonstrated when Naruto could no longer use the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra with the seal on. It also disrupts the target from controlling their chakra correctly, making it harder and causing more strain and unnecessary chakra burn when using jutsu.

When Orochimaru later notices that the seal has been removed, he remarks that there are very few ninja capable of doing so, like Jiraiya.

It is the best technique to use against Jinchūriki, as it seals their ability to call upon their Tailed Beast Chakra.


  • The "Five Elements" referred to in the name of this technique are the Chinese Five Elements, the Five Movements (五行, Japanese: Gogyō, Chinese: Wǔxíng; ; ; ):
  • Metal (金, Chinese: jīn; ; ; ),
  • Wood (木, Chinese:; ; ; ),
  • Water (水, Chinese: shuǐ; ; ; ),
  • Fire (火, Chinese: huǒ; ; ; ),
  • and Earth (土, Chinese:; ; ; ),

instead of the five chakra elements used in most other techniques, the Five Greats" (五大, Godai; ; ; ):

  • Earth (土, tsuchi; ; ; ),
  • Water (水, mizu; ; ; ),
  • Fire (火, hi; ; ; ),
  • Wind (風, kaze; ; ; ),
  • and Lightning (雷, kaminari; ; ; ).

This suggests the elements are merely symbolic.

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