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Fire Release: Tri Beam Cannon
Name Fire Release: Tri Beam Cannon
Kanji 火リリース:三はり大砲
Literal English Fire Release: Tri Beam Cannon
Rank A-Rank
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seals
Range Long Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive
Chakra Nature Fire Release
User(s) Aoi Uchiha

This technique was made by Aoi Uchiha by weaving 5 specific hand signs, Aoi make a hand sign that looks similar to the Yamanaka Clan's Mind Body Switch Technique. Then he uses Fire Release to shoot a very high heat, triangular compresses fire beam at the target. The large beam of fire is so hot that it can cut through water, though it looses its heat, the beam of fire can just about cut through anything. Also if you thing you can hop through the middle of the triangle, you can't because it is covered by a layer of fire, that can kill you.

Also, if this technique was to hit the ground, it would get stuck, but Aoi can weave a hand sign that makes his chakra that is compressing the fire to go away. The triangle of fire then explodes into a fire bomb, that covers about a radius of 10 feet around. He can make it do this in mid air as well; another thing he can do is shoot multiple tri beams at the same time. If he shoots one, he can shoot another, and another at the cost of his chakra. It is a high consuming chakra technique, so he can only shoot about 10 in all before running out of chakra.

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