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Fire Release: Revolving Flame
150px-Dawn Quilava Flame Wheel
Name Fire Release: Revolving Flame
Kanji 火遁・回炎
Literal English Fire Release: Revolving Flame
Other Name(s) Fire Style: Rotating Flame
Rank B Rank
Hand Seals Horse, Monkey, Bird, Tiger
Range Mid, Long
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Fire Release Fire Release
User(s) Shiryou Hogiki

A Fire Release technique created by Konohagakure which is taught to Tokubetsu Jōnin who use Fire type ninjutsu. It is used primarily for offense to keep the enemies on guard.

Overview Edit

Like many of the fire release techniques in the shinobi world, this one was created by ninja from konoha who teach it to special jonin for the sake of protection. It is not a powerful jutsu but is used to keep the enemy on his guard instead of them being the ones giving off a lot of attacks.

Usage Edit

A flame is created in midair in front of the user which is no bigger then the fire from a candle. It then begins to spin around the user, faster and faster until the wind from the fast movement begins to affect it. So the flames begin to grow and as it spins around the user it forms a ring of flames with the user in the center. once the flames have reached 2 feet vertically and the diameter has increased a few feet the user can then send it flying towards there opponent.

It is incredibly fast and can travel across a battlefield in a matter of seconds. Once it reaches the enemy it can burst once near or when touching the enemy scorching whatever it touches with high degree burns. The flames burst in the direction the ring is facing touching only whatever is in its horizontal path, with the center of the ring the only part that is not touched by flames. Also if it misses the user can only once mentally change its direction and can have it move in a different path. Only once they can also have it split into twp rings which are smaller and weaker to hit more then one enemy.

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