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Fire Release: Magnificent Flame Technique
Name Fire Release: Magnificent Flame Technique
Kanji 火災リリース:壮大な炎テクニック
Literal English Fire Release: Magnificent Flame Technique
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Ram→Snake→Tiger→Clap Hands
Range Close
Type Offensive, Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Nintaijutsu, Fighting Style
Chakra Nature Fire Release Fire Release
User(s) Yuuka Uchiha


Once the user claps their hands they quickly focuses heat into their finger tips. They then will quickly separate their hands creating a small fiery explosion. Once their hands had stand still for a split second then a slim flame will cover all five of their figure tips on both hands.

With the flame the user can start to attack their target with their fingernails. As its covered in flames then when they would hit their intended target the chances of them getting burned from the fire is a high percentage. It also allows the user to hit with more force then they would normally be able to do with a punch, allowing the user to have an advantage in Taijutsu.

The technique has another advantage that isn't Taijutsu related. The user can throw the flame causing it to be shoot at a certain target. The flame will instantly come back with no extra chakra usage. Once the flame 'bullet' hit a surface then it will implode into a small fiery explosion. The explosion does hit with a good amount of force making most stagger and getting burn from the blast.

This technique is special within its chakra usage. Once the flames are created the user doesn't need to waste anymore chakra to keep them burning as they are self sustaining. Even when the user throws the flame they don't need to spend more chakra on it. However, water attacks will most likely extinguish as water defeats fire.

The user cal also split their figures so that the flame covers the tips separate. This allows the user to use other techniques as this is in effect. This does, however, take up extremely low chakra for them to rejoin and not burn the user when their hands touch.

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