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Eight Tails With Killer Bee

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Fire ReleaseFire Release: Flamethrower Technique
Name Fire ReleaseFire Release: Flamethrower Technique
Rank C-Rank
Hand Seals Tiger, Dragon, Snake
Range Long
Type Offensive
Chakra Nature Fire ReleaseFire Release
User(s) Yoshi Kochi


After the user makes the neccesary hand signs they would take in a deep breath. It can only go as far as the users lungs. This technique doesn't expand the users lungs but it can train them to take in more air.

After the user had taken in the breath and still held the Snake hand sign, they can infuse the air with their own chakra. They would then slowly breath out at first to get the flame going. As soon as there is a flame the user can do multiple things.

One option is to blow a steady stream witch would be slow but very powerful.

Second option is to blow at a moderate rate so the flame will move faster but would do less damage.

Third option is to just let out all the air at once. This makes a very short range attack that would simpley knock your opponet back. This would be used so if the opponet got close to you, you would have a chance to get away.

This technique works as though a stright line of fire is coming from the users mouth. But the exception of option three. It can only go into a stright line unless, the user has somewhat good chakra control then they can direct the flam to where it goes.

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