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Fire Release: Fire Whips
Name Fire Release: Fire Whips
Rank B-Rank
Range Short to Mid Range
Type Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow
Classification Offensive
Chakra Nature Fire Release
Parent jutsu Fire Release: Fire Limbs Technique
User(s) Hizashi Senju

This technique was created by Hizashi Senju, by first already having Fire Release: Fire Limbs Technique, Hizashi extends and molds his fire release chakra into long whips. When this happens, he then has fire to engulf the whole whip of chakra, it extends to be about 10-12 meters long. It just about has the same function as Fire Limbs, though Hizashi can use this technique to grab a hold of something, cause the to engulf the object in flames, to swing off something, or to use it as a tool to whip things and burn them at the same time.

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