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Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Name Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Kanji 火遁・龍火の術
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Other Name(s) Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu
Rank C-rank
Hand Seals Snake → Dragon → Rabbit → Tiger
Range Mid-Range
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Fire Release
User(s) Reigen
Kirigakure Symbol Sayo

The user breathes fire along a cord or any other type of long object, which rushes forward in straight line catching the enemy on fire. A line of enemies can be used as the conductor as well.[1] The flames are meant to target, and assault the enemy's upper body just like a projectile weapon.

While the technique is shown in the anime to be even larger and more devastating than Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique (and being able to melt rock), in the manga it is shown to be just a small burst of flame running along a line of wire.

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime and OVA, this technique has been used without a conductor, but the enemy was much closer in both cases.
  • In the second OVA, this technique begins like the anime version of this technique but the blaze splits into multiple smaller dragons of fire that strike the foe from multiple directions.
  • Jiraiya uses this technique in an omake released in the second fanbook, which was later adapted in the anime.

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References Edit

  1. Naruto episode 133

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