Fire Release: Burning Armor
Name Fire Release: Burning Armor
Rank S
Hand Seals 20
Type 120px-Land of Fire Symbol.svg Fire Release
Chakra Nature 120px-Land of Fire Symbol.svg Fire
User(s) Maskue Inuzuka

Fire Release: Burning Armor is a defensive techniqe created by Maskue Inuzuka. The user creates a shell of burning fire that is almost invincible and can stop even the most powerful blows. Though, the user can normally only use it once in battle.  Yet there is more of a rish, for it drains the users chakra down to almost 0. 


The Burning Armor requires 20 handseals, Once it is complete, it becomes self-sustaining, The Burning Armor was designed to block hard hits. Also, to charge this technique a diverson is required.

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