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Empty Forces: Empty Fist
Name Empty Forces: Empty Fist
Rank S
Range Close Range
Type Offensive
Classification Taijutsu, Chakra
Parent jutsu Empty Forces
Derived jutsu Empty Forces: Empty Foot, Empty Forces: Empty Void
User(s) Shikyo Fushiawase

Empty Forces:  Empty Fist is an Empty Forces technique, classified as not only a Chakra technique, due to the Empty Forces being classified as that, but also being a Taijutsu expansion of it. 


To use this technique, the user must first activate the Empty Forces, but then use a larger amount of their Chakra to enclose it around their bodies tightly.  This will cause the side effects of the Empty Forces to occur to them a lot less, which is required to use the Empty Fist, as it does have a required two minutes of charge up time.  When the punch is launched, it'll completely destroy the entire body, inside and out, so that literally nothing, even cells, are left behind for remains.  The area around them will be devastating, and nearby enemies can also be fatally wounded from it.  This is the most powerful of the three Empty Forces techniques, aside from the Empty Forces standard technique. 

Known UsersEdit

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