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Empty Forces
Name Empty Forces
Rank S
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Classification Chakra
Parent jutsu Chakra
Derived jutsu Empty Forces: Empty Foot, Empty Forces: Empty Fist, Empty Forces: Empty Void
User(s) Shikyo Fushiawase

Empty Forces is a powerful technique created and used solely by Shikyo Fushiawase, with his immense amount of Chakra.  Three Taijutu techniques, Empty Forces:  Empty Fist, Empty Forces:  Empty Foot, and Empty Forces:  Empty Void, were later derived from the Empty Forces. 


The Empty Forces is one of the most complicated techniques at first glance; however, Kisekiteki Hyuga claims that it's more simple than it seems when you really think about it.  The Empty Forces has a total of three sections to it.  When a Dojutsu is used, which can see Chakra clearly, one can see how it's layered out to the user, as it's normally invisible to everyone else, hence why it's so dangerous.  When visualized, one can see a three layered system of flowing Chakra, each layer appearing to be circular in shape, each circle surging with electrical Chakra on the inside, and the more you go inside, the more electrical Chakra surges through them.  These are force fields, meant to protect Shikyo Fushiawase in very unique ways.  When the enemy or enemies reaches the outermost layer, they're struck by every end, side, and angel by Shikyo's Chakra, fatally wounding them.  Although it's powerful, it' snot uncommon for ANBU or Kage level Shinobi, or sometimes Jonin level Shinobi to survive past it and move on.  The second and middle most layer goes up a notch, not only attacking them with even more force than the outermost layer, but it also quickly depletes their Chakra and releases it into the atmosphere, completely destroying it.  It usually takes a Kage level Shinobi, but sometimes an ANBU level Shinobi, to actually survive past this layer.  And finally there's the third and innermost layer, which is the deadliest.  It's extremely rare for anyone to survive this, although exceptions have been made before.  This layer will not only attack the enemy with his Chakra even more viciously yet, but also deplete their Chakra faster, as well as having the added effect of ripping their entire body apart, inside and out, and completely reducing them to nothingness.  The only drawback to this technique, which is why he's only used it two times in his entire life, is the damage that it does to him.  By using it for only two minutes, he literally depletes all of his Chakra, and causes fatal damage to occur to his body, both inside and outside.  After using it he has to rest for several weeks to recuperate before returning to battle again, which is why it isn't his preferred form of combat, despite how effective and powerful that it is. 

Derived TechniquesEdit

Known UsersEdit

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