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Element Technique Unseal
Name Element Technique Unseal
Kanji 要素技術開封
Literal English Element Technique Unseal
Hand Seals Snake
Type Fuinjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Raiko
Yakumo Uzumaki

This technique was made by Yakumo Uzumaki, by using any one of the 5 element technique seal, the user can unseal what they just sealed up with the snake hand sign. It is very simple and can be done on multiple seals, like with the Sealing Kunai. But, there has to be a technique in the formula in order to do this technique, when the user unseals the technique, it fires back with the same amount of force it was meant to attack with. If its a technique like Lightning Release Armour, then when the technique is sealed and then unsealed, it will fire back in a wave of lightning chakra. The person that technique was sealed cannot take control of their technique again.

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