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Element Dragons are dragons that are similar to tailed beast, just that they are basically element beast. Each Dragon has it own element, for example, the Fire Dragon, a dragon that has the element Fire, the same thing goes on for the Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning Dragon. There are also dragons that are a step above the basic element dragons, for example the Ice Dragon. These Dragons have power, speed, perception, agility, and they have about 30% as much chakra as Tailed Beast.

How they were madeEdit

The dragons were made by the Sage of Six Paths. He was just learning the Creation of All Things, so to get the concept of the technique, basically to see how it would turn out, he made dragons with the technique before he made the Tailed Beast. He made element dragons, and didn't expect them to be as powerful as he though he made them. So to make sure they didn't get out and cause chaos in the land, he had sealed them up in specific places across the land. He sealed them for a while, but when he died, the seals he implanted weakened, and eventually the seals broke, and the dragons were released. But, they didn't go on a rampage, they just were lazy and just sat in the same spot, hidden.

Known DragonsEdit

More Dragons to come.

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