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Element Absorption Technique
Name Element Absorption Technique
Kanji 要素吸収法
Literal English Element Greed
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, Chakra Absorption Techniques, Dojutsu
Classification Defense
Parent jutsu Preta Path
User(s) Tetsu if Rinnegan App is accepted

By the use of Tetsu's Rinnegan and the Preta Path, Tetsu is able to absorb the element of a technique instead of the chakra. Even if its Yin-Yang Release, he can absorb it. When the element is absorbed, all that is left is the chakra, if nothing is done by the user, the chakra would just disappear. He can absorb more than one technique at the same time from different angels, but it takes longer, and leaves him open for attack. Also, in Kekkei Genkai techniques, or techniques that use more than one chakra nature, this technique is able to absorb the number of natures, but it will be treated as if more than one nature was coming from different angels, so it would take a while.

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