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Earth Release: Protecting Mud Molting Technique
Name Earth Release: Protecting Mud Molting Technique
Rank B-
Range All Ranges
Type Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Earth Release
User(s) Nestor Victorovich Dorzhiev

Earth Release:  Protective Mud Molding Technique is an Earth Release technique. 


This is a very useful technique to allow extra defense to surround the user.  The user starts by coating their entire body in mud, (which they can either produce themselves or use pre-existing mud), until they can't be seen at all from anyone else around them, and then use their Chakra to harden it and fuse it with their body; once this happens, it'll appear to everyone else like nothing happened.  However, when they're attacked by anything, as long as it's not a fatal blow, (as in, they can't actually die from it), and what will result is the mud appearing on their body and molting off of them and their wounds oddly disappeared, as if nothing's happened.  Of course, depending on how strong the blow is it won't always heal them completely, but it'll always heal them at least a little bit.  The only real flaw of this technique is that it does take awhile to use it due to the obvious activation requirements, (plus a required 10 minute long waiting period afterwards), which means that it has to be done before their intended enemies have actually spotted them. 

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