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Earth Release: Iron-Rock Dragon
Name Earth Release: Iron-Rock Dragon
Rank A-Rank
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seals
Range Long Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Chakra Nature Earth Release
User(s) Ginjo

This technique was created by Ginjo, and uses Earth Release. By weaving the necessary hand signs, Ginjo can make a dragon come out of the ground near him. The dragon is made with he earth release affinity, so it has Iron and other harder rock sediment in it. While it may have Iron and Rock sediment, it is still very maneuverable like Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique. This technique can cause a lot of damage to an area or a person, if not taken out, also it can move through the ground and pop up anywhere. This technique can also be used for defensive means, Ginjo can make the dragon wrap around him and protect himself or anything else.

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