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Earth Release Earth Release: Hidden Pit Technique
Name Earth Release Earth Release: Hidden Pit Technique
Rank B (higher depending on the user)
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Earth Release Earth Release
Parent jutsu N/A
User(s) Nobu Uchiha
Emi Uchiha
Daichi Uchiha


While weaving the hand signs, the shinobi focuses all their chakra to the part of their body they intend to use as the focus for unleashing the technique then quickly releases the chakra through that part of their body into the ground. Typically, by adept users, it is released as one highly condensed single stream made to go down a certain distance before stopping at a preset depth to burst like a bubble and flood the ground, hollowing out the preset area into the desired form. When it is allowed to burst however varies from user to user with it's creator, Nobu Uchiha preferring to detonate it immediately and quickly jump out of the way, leaving a top over it to hide it. His wife and son however prefer to detonate it with the half seal after moving away from the pit to ensure that they do not become the victims of their own trap. A more crude method but faster for creating a basic pit that is typically only used for beginners or practitioners who require the speed is to release their chakra as a deluge over the area desired to become a pit however, this costs significantly more chakra and doesn't need half as much chakra control. The second method usually completes in twenty to twenty five seconds however, the first depends largely on the chakra control of the user and exactly how the chakra is controlled, creating a large variation in finishing time. With both methods however, a sensory type will be able to detect the pit if the shinobi that placed it doesn't disperse the chakra once the pit has been created, send the chakra somewhere else or reabsorb the chakra which is the most difficult option. 

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