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Earth Release: Grand Pillars
Name Earth Release: Grand Pillars
Kanji 土遁: 壮大柱
Other Name(s) Earth Pillar Jutsu
Rank A rank
Hand Seals Bird->Dog->Horse->Snake or slam fist into ground
Range All
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Earth Release Earth Release
User(s) Gengaku

An incredible high ranking earth technique invented by Gengaku himself and one of his few original abilities.


It is a powerful Earth Release technique that is used to change the battle field, or to simply keep the enemies on there toes as Gengaku can summon a large number of pillars to rise from the earth in a matter of seconds. The pillars can come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from skinny pointed pillars to massive platforms type pillars and can be used for multiple reasons.


This is a very destructive technique and can be used in a variety of ways depending on how Gengaku wished to use it. He first activates it by performing the necessary hand seals or slamming his fist into the ground, then sends his chakra into the earth to do his bidding. This technique has a wide area effect usually encompassing a whole battle field. The ground beneath everybody can then erupt into thousand of pillars, or a few it all depends on what Gengaku plans to do and how much chakra he is willing to use.

The pillars can be anysize wide, or slim, Sharp protrustions, or flat. They can come out within seconds, or take a while longer. This is all up to Gengaku and how much chakra he wishes to use. This can be used to change the battlefield to his advantage. It is a very powerful jutsu as one can control the very earth itself. The less chakra he uses the less amount of pillars and the decrease in its speed.

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