This technique is available to whoever wants it.

Earth Release: Earth Conversion
Name Earth Release: Earth Conversion
Rank C
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Chakra Flow
Chakra Nature Earth Release
Parent jutsu Earth Release: Water To Earth Conversion Technique
User(s) Souma Ryuu


Because some of Souma Ryuu's techniques require there to be dirt in the area, hes at a major disadvantage when in mountain or desert terrain. Knowing this, he used the principles of the Earth Release: Water To Earth Conversion Technique to create a way to convert the ground around him into dirt for his techniques, resulting in this technique. This is done by flowing his chakra into the ground around him however, while it doesn't take very much to turn rock or sand into dirt, it becomes rather taxing the larger the area that is being converted, much like when Gaara turns a terrain into sand.

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