This technique is available for whoever wants it.

Earth Release: Dirt Clone Jutsu
Name Earth Release: Dirt Clone Jutsu
Rank A
Hand Seals Technique specific
Classification Bushinjutsu
Chakra Nature Earth Release
Parent jutsu Shadow Clone Technique
User(s) Souma Ryuu


Another Earth Release version of the Shadow Clone technique, this technique creates a clone of the user out of dirt. While dirt clones are the least durable of the clone techniques, they can continuously reform within seconds as long as long as they are somewhere with dirt that has the creator's chakra in it or Earth Release chakra in it however, the clone absorbs some of that chakra in order to reform. This means that the memories of the clone do not return to the creator but remain within the dirt it's made up of, along with the chakra. Unfortunately, it takes a little longer for them to reform if they use the chakra of someone other than their creator as that chakra has to be converted into the chakra of the creator but the time never goes above thirty seconds, an twenty second increase.

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