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Earth Release: Chakra Fruits
Name Earth Release: Chakra Fruits
Rank A
Hand Seals ?????
Range Short
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Hidden
Chakra Nature Earth ReleaseEarth Release
Parent jutsu N/A
Derived jutsu N/A
User(s) Emi Uchiha
Nobu Uchiha

A technique created by Nobu and Emi Uchiha that alters a tree or bush to produce it's own chakra which circulates through it's body until it's time to bear fruit at which time, the plant condenses it's chakra and divides it up among the developing fruit. Eating this fruit fills the being with a surge of chakra, giving them chakra reserves past their normal limit however, it temporarily disrupting their chakra system, leaving them unable to use their chakra for five minutes. The descendants of plants altered by this technique will also function in this way. Advanced users of this technique can make it so that their or their family's chakra is the chakra of the plant, making it more compatible with the user and their family and halving or eliminating the disruption effect. In addition, an advanced user can also make the chakra compatible only with their family or them, causing intense pain and even death in extreme cases however, even when making it compatible with only one's own chakra, there is still a minor chance that a family member whose chakra is close enough to the user's will suffer minimal if any consequences for eating the fruit. Not everyone however can eat the fruit without the ill effects being restricted to a temporary disruption of the chakra system, this boost may damage the chakra system of those with a low amount of chakra, whether that's a low limit or simple a low amount at the time as there is not enough of their own chakra to keep the new chakra in check. In extreme cases, someone may die from eating too much of it but normally, anyone suffering damage due to these reasons will at worst lose the ability to control their chakra. Eating this fruit however for years alters your body to not only be accustom to it so that there is no disruption or damage to the body but ensures that the surge doesn't simple disappear after a while, instead only losing it from use or having it drain from you. How much of this extra chakra the body can handle however depends largely on how much of this special fruit has been eaten over a long period of time as well as one's natural chakra reserves.

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