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Earth Release: Antlion Prison Technique
1000px-Earth Release Antlion Technique
Name Earth Release: Antlion Prison Technique
Kanji 土遁・蟻地獄の術
Literal English Earth Release: Antlion Prison Technique
Other Name(s) Ninja Art: Antlion Jutsu
Hand Seals Ram
Range Mid, Long range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Earth Release Earth Release
User(s) Gengaku

This technique causes the ground and everything on and around it to be sucked in towards the middle of a large pit, much like the method an antlion uses to catch prey. Upon being dragged to the centre, the victim will then be sucked underground. There the victim, depending on how deep the user makes them sink, will be trapped and/or suffocated. The range of the pit is determined by how much chakra is put into the technique. The antlion theme fits in with Kagerō's appearance, emphasising her large jaw in this form.

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