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Dust Transformation Technique
Name Dust Transformation Technique
Other Name(s) Decomposition Technique
Rank Unranked
Hand Seals Unknown
Range Short
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu N/A
Derived jutsu N/A


A technique created by the same person who created the Dust Clone Jutsu that transforms a target into a pile of dust within seconds. This jutsu is used solely by Chirigakure's ANBU Blackops to dispose of rogue ninja but it also has another purpose, the dust is then used by the ANBU Blackops for their dust techniques. This is so that the dust doesn't go to waste and so that enemies cannot potentially figure out how to gleam information from the dust. What is commonly misunderstood about this jutsu however is that despite it's name and the series of similar techniques, it is not an Earth Release jutsu just because it uses dust in the name, it in fact Yin-Yang Release because it speeds up the decomposure of the body to light speed.

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