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Dust Clone Jutsu
Name Dust Clone Jutsu
Rank A
Hand Seals Technique specific
Range Self
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Earth Release
Parent jutsu Shadow Clone Technique
Derived jutsu Illusionary Hidden Mist Jutsu


A second Earth Release version of the Shadow Clone Jutsu created by a former Iwagakure shinobi that founded Chirigakure for use by his village's shinobi, it is a very close copy of it's parent technique which is used only be a small number of Chirigakure shinobi. The main difference however is that when destroyed, it creates a small cloud of chakra infused dust and that clones can also be made out of existing dust from the surrounding area. However, novices can primarily only make clones the original way though adept users can combine existing dust from the surrounding area and their own chakra to create clones, reducing the amount of chakra used to create clones. An advanced user however is able to manipulate their chakra to create clones from the surrounding dust which looks a cloud of dust taking the shape of the caster and transforming into the caster which uses the least amount of chakra but does not create any additional dust when destroyed.

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