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Dream Eater Technique
Name Dream Eater Technique
Kanji 夢クイの術
Literal English Dream Eater Technique
Rank A
Type Defensive
Classification Shio Spiral Hiden, Genjutsu
Parent jutsu Chakra Compression Technique
User(s) Yakedo Shio, Shirogane Shio

The Dream Eater Technique is a powerful genjutsu counter employed by the Shio Clan. It uses the chakra flow influencing the Shio's senses to counterattack, reversing it upon its user and freeing the target from the first genjutsu's effects. To use it, the user must be able to extend a thread of dense chakra back towards the the first genjutsu user, thereby controlling their own senses, and striking them with a genjutsu reinforced by their own chakra and supplemented by the Shio's. Skilled genjutsu users using this technique can embellish the genjutsu with their own additions, as well as negate efforts to break out of it. The difficulty in escaping this technique lies in the fact that the first genjutsu caster's own chakra is now holding himself or herself there.

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