Dokushingan aka the Reading mind eye can let the user read the opponent minds. This eye is only in the Takanashi Clan as the young man Taireru was able to unlocked it in a battle after his brother Arekkusu died.

Ultimate Rinnegan by de pixel
Name Dokushingan
Literal English Reading mind eye
Clan The Takanashi Clan


After forming the hand seals, the user can read his opponent body movements from up to down on the ground after his opponent moves his hands for handsigns,and can also read the opponents mind without beating him half to death.

Taireru mastered this eye when he was training with the toads for sage mode. Sometimes you can use it with one of the handsigns and that is the Ox or Tiger, but it back fires sometimes if you use the handsigns. Most of it can travel on ground for only a short range.


Also, if this technique was to read all the movements on the ground aswell, it would get stuck, but Taireru can weave a hand sign that makes his chakra that is compressing the movements of his opponents to go away. The eyes of Taireru can read chakra levels of his oppoent, that covers about a radius of 10 feet around. He can make it do this in mid air as well.

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