" "I don't have long any more. Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Gokū, Kokuō, Saiken, Chōmei, Gyūki, Kurama. Even though you have been separated, you shall always be together. Until eventually that time shall come when you will become one… You each carry a name… And with a different shape than you had up to now, you will be shown a righteous path, different from the time you spent inside of me. What is true power… …Until that time… ."

This article, Dojutsu User Points, is being watched by The Sage Of Six Paths. No user is allowed to edit besides the sage. You need his permission to do so, and going against this law will result in punishment. You have been warned, My Rinnegan See's all

Please Read Naruto-Fanon Central Wiki:Dōjutsu Point System


User:SageOfDespair = 230DP

  • Kaido Uchiha

User:Boredfan1 = 245DP

  • Daichi Uchiha

User:Na'Jorne = 370DP

  • Yuuka Uchiha

User:ISavage = 106DP

  • Tetsu
  • Aoi Uchiha

User:EmperorSigma = 0DP


User:LeKabuto = 0DP

User:Teru Nara = 0DP

User:Kaitan = 100DP

  • Hansha Uchiha

User:CertainlyNot1218 = 0DP

User:HDoo = 0DP

User:Missdiva101 = 0DP

User:S k i t z = 0DP

User:Arishok Frieza = 0DP


  • Only User:Boredfan1 and User:Na'Jorne will be able to edit this page to help out if I'm not around, all other users are not allowed. If I'm here ask me to place your points if I'm not ask them.
  • I will keep track of everyone's points but you to are responsible for your own and tell me when you get more points.
  • In order to spend points you must ask me first, and tell me what it is.

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