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Eight Tails With Killer Bee

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This technique or kekkei genkei, Devil Seal, requires anyone who wishes to use it to fill out an application and place it on the copyright holder's wall. The application form can be found at the bottom of the page.
Yin-YangDevil Seal
Devil Seal
Name Yin-YangDevil Seal
Kanji 悪魔封印
Literal English Devil Seal
Other Name(s) Hellish Seal
Rank S-Rank
Hand Seals Tiger→Ram→Horse→Hare→Snake→Monkey→Clap Hands

Modified Ox

Horse→Dragon→Modified Ox→Monkey→Ram→Tiger→Snake→Hare→Boar
Range Close Range
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-YangYin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Cursed Seal of Heaven
User(s) Akuma Tamashī
Otomaru Kaguya


The Devil Seal was created by the elders of the Tamashī Clan, knowing it would get them closer to their personal goals. The Seal was highly influenced by the Cursed Seal of Heaven, trying to recreate it, at the same time putting more abilities into the seal. The seal itself transforms the victim and/or user into a demon figure. The changes can be any where from a small to completely different look then the original form of the user.

Their are three different sets of Hand Seals, each doing a different effect than another one. The first set is to place the seal onto a living entity. The second one is for the one that made the seal. They can cause the victim pain and forcefully make the seal take effect. The third set is to do three things the user want's it to do. The first would be to loosen the seal so it has a higher chance to take effect on its own. The second would allow the user to tighten the seal so it has a lesser chance to take effect. And the third is to completely get rid of the seal itself, causing great amount of pain.

The first set is the medium to every other set. It will allow the user to place the Devil Seal onto any living entity, including animals as well. The seal will be activated when emotions were to arise, such as, Anger, Sadness, and Pain. The more they feel these emotions the more they are tempted to use the seal itself.

The second set is for the user to control their victims. They can cause pain, which makes the victim to want to use the seal even more often. The user can also force the seal to take action, and unleash it's power. This would also cause the victim to want to use the seal more, as it gets into their mind that they would be invincible. This can also be used to break any sealing methods to block the usage of the seal itself. This would cause the victim to be in great pain, as well to greatly influence them to use the seal even more then any other method would. It would also render any sealing method useless.

The third set is for, mainly, to get rid of the seal. The victim's depression would very to how much they liked the seals power, even causing suicidal thoughts. Although, there is another usage for the set of Hand Seals. It can either loosen or tighten the seal, if loosen then the seal will take less emotion to take over the host. If it were to be tighten then it would take much more emotion for the seal to take over the host. Finally, the last usage would be, the user can track down any of their victims. They can even stay still and sense where they are all at, simultaneously.


The Devil Seal gives multiple abilities to the host of one. When it would be activated their entire body can be changed into a demonic version of their original look. The host Ninjutsu and Taijutsu will be greatly enhanced. The host will also have increased reflexives. It also seems that the user is given a small boost in Genjutsu. It also seems that some users will also grow wings and have the ability to fly into the air. It has also been noted that they are much more durable than any humans. They would also have above human speed.

They will also have an increased blood flow. Since of this, host of the Seal will seem to take much more to kill if their opponents were to try to make them bleed out.

The user who put this seal onto their victims will have an added bonus. The user does have a set of three hand seal sets that have different effects. Those will be noted above. It also seems when their victims want to use the seals more often, they will want to seek out the one who placed it onto them, to want to master it.

There are some drawbacks however. If the user has not master the Seal, they will lose complete control of their mind and kill all those they don't care about. When they do exit their demon forms, when not mastered, they will experience fatigue and frequently will have some tore muscles. Most will also seem to nearly pass out if not already have. They can negate those drawbacks by mastering the seal itself.

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