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Decay Release
Name Decay Release
Kanji 腐敗盤発売
Rōmaji Fuhai-ban hatsubai
Literal English Decay Release
Clan None

Decay Release is a Kekkei Tota that combines the elements Water Release, Wind Release, and Earth Release. Those three together make a substance that has bacteria, fungi, and the substance can make things rot and decompose on touch at times. This release can turn water or earth into their weapon by imputing Decay Release into it, everything that can rot or decompose can be affected by this release. The creator who made this release was Ryuk Levi, its like it is a kekkei genkai for him because the release doesn't affect him at all.

Decay Release just about effects everything, water is turned filthy and swampy, with various bacteria and fungi that will eat things alive. Earth cracks and crumbles and grow various fungi as well that will kill. Chakra is eaten as well, causing a lot of stuff to not work. The only thing that can work is Fire Release, and some Lightning Release techniques. The reason is, is that fire burns the fungi and bacteria and lightning shocks the bacteria and fungi, but that is only if the user is using a specific technique that makes bacteria and fungi, if the other substance is made then Fire and Lightning won't work.

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