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Date' Rekai
Kanji 日付
Rōmaji Hidzuke
Personal Status
Birthdate March 23
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 150 lbs
Blood Type A
Hometown Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
Home Country Land of Earth Symbol.svg Land of Earth
Affiliation Rekai Clan Symbol Rekai Clan
Team Rekai Brothers
Partner Kojuro Rekai
Shiden Rekai
Family Kojuro Rekai
Shiden Rekai (Brothers)

Toyotomi Rekai
Oichi Rekai (parents)

Rank Jonin
Classification S-Rank
Ninja Registration 34546634
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 17
Kekkei Genkai Full Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Jutsu Chakra Armor
Chakra Push
Chakra Slicer
Rapid Fire Chakra Orbs
Full Release: Chakra Enhanced Speed
Weapons N/A





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