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Darkness Release
Darkness Release
Name Darkness Release
Rōmaji Yami no Jutsu
Literal English Darkness Elemet Style
Other Name(s) Dark Release
Clan Ryuzaki Ryuzaki

Darkness Release is a nature release specific to the Ryuzaki Clan of Konohagakure. This release though being a kekkei genkai is quite rare even among the members of the Ryuzaki Clan and can only be used by a few of it's members after extensive training.


The darkness release allows the user to infuse the darkness element in his jutsu, making it more powerful by utilizing the darknesselement's properties.

Jutsu infused with darkness release are capable of absorbing the chakra of an opponent's ninjutsu and add it to its own power to either grow larger and more powerful or just more powerful.

The techniques utilizing darkness chakra alone can be molded and shaped to the users own liking.




  • Though its a kekkei genkai it only appears in a minority of the ryuzaki clan

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