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Dance of the Camellia
Name Dance of the Camellia
Kanji 椿の舞
Literal English Dance of the Camellia
Range Short Range
Type Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai, Kenjutsu
Classification Offensive
User(s) Tenkai Kaguya
Otomaru Kaguya


The second of Kimimaro's five dances, which he performs by modifying one of his upper arm bones to create a short, bone-hilted bone sword. He then stabs chaotically and continuously which causes the opponents eyes to lag behind. The speed resembles afterimages, the hand with the sword is again and again visibly projected. And yet the movement is irregular which makes it difficult to predict.

With each thrust the sword's track is very capable of changing. The attack comes from unexpected angles, causing a person's delicate defence reaction to come off guard. Though one can have great reflexes and moving ability, it is next to impossible to keep dodging the fierce attack until it stops. Thus if one showed an opening, a finishing blow will be dealt by one stab in an instant.

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