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Tenkai's Brother
Name Daisuke
Kanji 大輔
Personal Status
Birthdate June 30
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 145 lbs
Blood Type B
Hometown None
Home Country None
Family Tenkai Kaguya (Brother), Tenko (Brother), Kazuki (Brother)
Kekkei Genkai Steel Release
Nature Type Lightning Release
Fire Release
Jutsu Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Steel Release: Conductive Strike
Steel Release Armour
Steel Titan
Weapons Swords



Daisuke has brown hair, and wears a white headband. He has yellow eyes and his hair stile is similar ti Sasuke Uchiha. He wears a brown kimono with a blue and white coat, then he has a white belt which holds his 2 swords.


He is disciplined, but cocky at times, he like to have kenjutsu battles with his brothers, and enjoys naps. He like to hang out with women when he can being around his brothers all the time.


Steel ReleaseEdit

He was born with the Steel Release Kekkei Genkai, he was born by a different father so they said that he inherited from his dad. When he found out he had it, it was during a fight with his brother Tenkai Kaguya, he was about to loose when Tenkai was about to hit him with a wooden sword. He guarded and his arms turned into steel and the wood broke on his arms. He still lost but it was the spark to him and his Steel Release. He uses his steel release similar to Shikotsumyaku, he makes spikes come from his skin, or other taijutsu stuff.


He is very skilled in kenjutsu, he trained with samurai and multiple very skilled swordsmen. He also uses his Steel Release to make swords and other weapons that he is very skilled with. Also he carries 2 swords instead of one.


He uses his Steel Release with his taijutsu to enhance damage. He is strong and has some speed as well.

Nature TransformationEdit

He has Lightning Release, and Fire Release, he uses the two in with his Steel Release. Since Steel is a conductor of lighting, and heat. So using lighting release technique really won't work, and a few fire release technique won't work as well.

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