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While most people simply put the development their character's development on the main page, I decided to place it on this subpage to prevent unnecessary clutter on the main page and to also properly organize it as well as to prevent confusion on what he is like currently after roleplaying.


After being rescued by Konohagakure's ANBU Blackops, Daichi was taken to the hospital where he was healed then he was taken in for questioning however, he was very willful and didn't give up his identity as an Uchiha though practically everything else about his life was identified by the interregators. Suspicious of him, they put him under surveillance and restricted him to the village's borders. Not affected by the village's suspicion, he enjoyed himself by socializing with the villagers and doing everything the village had to offer, including training his ninjutsu though he was weary enough of the surveillance not to activate his Sharingan. After a few months of being watched, the village leaders decided to let him go.

Upon release, Daichi decided to move into the Uchiha compound with permission from the Hokage where he honed his skills with the Sharingan as well as honing his other skills. During that time, Daichi invented a technique called the False Memory Creation Technique in order to protect himself from those who know his identity by capturing bandits, rogues and other enemies of Konoha while preventing word of this from getting back to the village. When he finally prefected the technique, he placed a note on the doors to the entrance of his home and left the compond, headed in the direction of Sunagakure.







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When it was first unlocked, Daichi used it only to read the movements of his enemies and to learn the basic concept of their techniques in order to know how to counter though he also utilized the extra sharp vision it gave him to detect incoming attacks that he would normally be unable to counter before it was too late.

After Daichi moved into the old Uchiha compound in Konoha, he developed his first Sharingan technique, the False Memory Creation Technique which he employed on bandits and spies he captured. Although it has many uses which he is aware of, Daichi invented and used it only to protect his identity as an Uchiha so he wouldn't be hunted. Once that technique was fully developed, with the exception of how to use it without the Sharingan, Daichi used his Sharingan again though sparsely in the same manner as when he fought Yaichi






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