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This article, Cursed Transformation, is the property of Na'Jorne.

Creation This article is under construction by its author Na'Jorne.

Cursed Transformation
Name Cursed Transformation
Rank S-Rank
Parent jutsu Cursed Clan
User(s) Na'Jorne

Partial Stage 1Edit

Partial stage 1 is a mode of the Cursed transformations that isnt a full transformation. Partial only covers up some of your body with the marking you created. This form dosent make you go mad but does make you lose commen sense. This will most likely cause you to go into Stage One.

Stage 1Edit

Stage 1 Is where your curse mark will spread across your body with the design you create or find. In this mode if you dont master it you do lose nearly all your common sense and become mad. This power will greatly boost speed and strength. If you do master it you have your complete mind and it will be stronger then un-mastered. You need to master this to accsess stage 2.

Stage 2Edit

Stage 2 completely covers your body and turns it purple. Your eyes also becomes a brown-yellow color. If you dont master it will have the same as Stage 1. If you do master stage 2 it will be stronger than un-master.

Stage 3Edit

In this stage you grow wings. Ya, wings. You also get a power boost and all but YOU GROWN WINGS. Thats al this stage is. The wing can make you fly up in the air but not for long due to the fact that you have your entire body to carry up.

Stage 4Edit

This stage give you a tail. And a power boost but gives you a tail. Yep, Thats it.

Stage 5Edit

In this stage your at your most powerful you can get in the cursed transformations. Your entire body becomes pure chakra. Your power if greatly increased is you master it. If you get hit your chakra it hit and your greatly damaged.

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