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Cursed Clan
Cursed Seal Sasuke & Anko.svg
An example of a curse mark.
Name Cursed Clan
Kanji 罰当たり
Rōmaji Bachiatari
Literal English Cursed
Other Name(s) Curse Seal
Members Akemi
Affiliation Cursed Snake Summoning
Kekkei Genkai Cursed Releases
Jutsu Cursed Transformation
Sage Form


The cursed clan isn't much of a clan. No members of it aren't related unless through birth or having a twin. It's olny called a Clan because it has some techniques that can only be used by them. The only reson why it can be used by them is because they have there own Curse Mark, the original.

The "Clan" started when a group of loyal members of the SOSP wanted to uptain the tailed beast. The SOSP didn't even lend them any kind of power aponed there request. They got furious with the Sage and wanted him to die and suffer.

This is when the group started to test with chakra systems with the Kemono Clan. But they kept mostly away, going the way that they though was right. They were able to figure a way to enance their chakra by making a focus point on there body. With the results they had they left the Kemono Clan without sharing any of the new found information.

They then started to put focus points for there chakra to be enhanced. Even though they were to do it with ease, the power came with a terrible price. The power had overwelmed them. The marks on there body glowed a bright red-orange color. It started to spread across there body, although this is whenever they got angry.

Later on they were able to master it. Most that atempted died. There were only seven of them left when they mastered the Sage Form. These are the ones that call them selves the 7 Cursed Sages.

Due to there power they were able to sensed when a baby needed the curse mark to live. None of the sages could figure why a baby would need it and how they had the correct chakra system to do so. But they guessed and came up with, the amount of spiritual energy that was created by the testing got infused with a baby at birth. That is the only resonable explaination they have.

Oruchimaru was a student of one of the seven cursed sages. The sages thought they could trust him but they were hugly mistaken. They taught him every thing but the cursed transformations, not trusting anyone with that. This is how Oruchimaru was able to give Cursed Seals to his victums.

There are still 7 sages but not the same ones. When a sage were to die they would give all there power to there predisestor. Making them the Cursed Sage.



The members of this "clan" have three special abilities.

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