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Eight Tails With Killer Bee

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Crystal Release: Cardinal Dragon Technique
Name Crystal Release: Cardinal Dragon Technique
Literal English Crystal Release: Cardinal Dragon Technique
Hand Seals Snake→Ram→Tiger→Bird→Dragon
Range Long Range
Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Chakra Absorption Technique, Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Crystal Release
User(s) Kengo


Kengo will use his Crystal Release: Pillar Controlling Technique to create four dragons from all four Cardinal Directions. Each Dragon will have a weird shape mouth that can connect with each other. The Dragons will scale an enormous area and connect quickly once they start to come out of the ground.

Once the mouths have connected a crystal, see through, barrier will be created between the dragons bodies. From there, anything in the barrier will lose chakra and be given to Kengo or his teammates. He is able to control the chakra divisions with his mind and on command. The barrier can adsorb someone dry within a matter of 15 minuets. The draining rate with Kurama's chakra is unknown.

To destroy the technique, all four bodies have to be destroyed. If there is only a chunk missing then the Dragon's bodies will regenerate by the Crystal Regeneration Technique. Though if a part of their body were to be destroyed, the barrier that was made between the dragons will fill that space. Their body won't regenerate though as Kengo's ability must be low in it. When all four dragons have an entire piece destroyed from them then the barrier will shatter into thousands of extremely sharp shards that can easily pierce a body.

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