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Crystal Protection Technique
Name Crystal Protection Technique
Kanji 晶遁
Literal English Crystal Protection
Rank B-Rank
Range Self Ranges
Type Offensive, Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Crystal Release Crystal Release
Parent jutsu Crystal Release Crystal Release: Body Formation Technique
User(s) Kengo


Kengo had created this technique after his fight with Aoi Uchiha and Hizashi Senju. He noticed how his combination of techniques to make a Crystal Armour would be easily destroyed by mostly Energy-Based attacks and even some blunt force.


When Kengo uses the Crystal Release: Body Formation Technique he can add this technique on top of it to greatly increase its defensive and offensive capabilities. It makes a true type of Armour that can withstand most blunt force attacks, up to that of a Tailed Beast, though in that case it would only nullify the attack.

There are no big downsides to this technique, just that it increases his defense. Although, his strength is also increased. This technique makes the Body Formation pack a bigger punch. It increases its property's so much that is can easily smash diamonds into dust. This also goes for the same as his Armour.

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