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This article, Crystal Energy Protection, is the property of Na'Jorne.

Crystal Energy Protection
Name Crystal Energy Protection
Literal English Crystal Energy Protection
Rank C-Rank
Range All Ranges
Type Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Crystal Release Crystal Release
Parent jutsu Crystal Protection Technique
Crystal Manipulation Technique
User(s) Kengo


Kengo had devised this technique off of his Crystal Protection Technique to make his crystals much more resilient to Energy-Based attacks. This was thought of after his battles with Aoi Uchiha and Hizashi Senju and seeing how they could destroy his crystals with ease. It seems as though Kengo apples this to all of his crystals.


By manipulating the properties of his crystals, Kengo can manipulate the atoms so that Energy-Based attacks are less effective to them. The energy of the attacks will 'slide' off the crystals, minimizing the damage they do to the crystals. Though strong enough techniques will crack the crystals but the chance of them being shatter is very slim.

Due to Kengo creating this technique, he has taught himself to apply it to all of his crystals that he creates right from their creation. If the crystals due crack, however, they can be simply regenerated with the Crystal Regeneration Technique.

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