This article, Crushing Turbulent Fang, is the exclusively used by Yūrei, The Spectre. Thus, his permission is required to alter or modify any of the content present on the page.
Crushing Turbulent Fang
Name Crushing Turbulent Fang
Kanji 撃破乱気流牙
Rank A-rank
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Wind Release
Chakra Nature Wind Release
User(s) Ryūken Senju

The user would create two or more Dragons of Wind Release chakra which are used to execute long-range strikes, the dragons would propel themselves towards the opponents with great speed. Then would ultimately crush the opponent from both sides. Once on contact, these dragons would explode simultaneously giving rise to a gigantic explosion capable to destroying anything in it's vicinity. The Dragons are also capable of firing compressed streams of air capable of throwing opponent(s) several feet away.

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