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Crimson Art: Crimson Bomb
Crimson Art: Crimson Bomb
Name Crimson Art: Crimson Bomb
Rank B-S Rank
Range All Ranges
Type Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Classification Offensive
Chakra Nature Fire Release, Lightning Release
Parent jutsu Crimson Art
User(s) Hizashi Senju

S-Rank/Kinjutsu VersionEdit

This technique was created by Hizashi Senju, and uses Crimson Art. Hizashi labeled this as a Kinjutsu and S-Rank technique because of the strain on his body, and the destructive power behind it. To do this technique, Hizashi releases Fire Release chakra in one hand, and Lightning Release chakra in the other. He brings his hands above him and keeps them about 2 inches away from each other. He then releases more and more lightning and fire release chakra and brings them together. While doing that, he is making his own chakra compress the two so it won't get too large. As more and more Lightning and Fire chakra come together, its mass gets bigger causing his feet to start to dig into the ground.

When he is ready he throws this technique at the opponent, its nothing but the size of maybe the Rasengan, but when it hits the target, it expands and can get to the size of Deidara's C3 causing massive damage.


The drawbacks are massive, one thing is that it uses a bunch of chakra, at the most he can only do the S-Rank version 3 times a day. If he tries a forth time, it would kill him. The second thing is that, this technique even though its compressed to the size of the Rasengan when it is held, it is very heavy, which weighs Hizashi down, in that time, an opponent can attack without him doing anything, the only thing he can do is jump, and that's most likely to throw the technique at the target. The third thing is that it takes about 3 minutes for it to get that big and when he uses it, it takes 10 minutes for him to use it again. The forth thing is fatigue, after you of this technique, his muscles and chakra network need a break from the strain, so everything decreases in him. His speed, strength, chakra control, agility, reflexes, etc. He only uses this version when in a dire need, and most of the time he needs someone else to be there to support him.

B-A Rank VersionEdit

This version is the one he uses the most, he does the same thing as the S-Rank version, but instead of basically charging it up, he just throws it at the target. Upon impact, the damage isn't as great as the S-Rank version, but it can kill; the damage size can range from the size of a person, to the size of a small boulder. Unlike the S-Rank version, he can do this about 12 to 15 times a day before he runs out of chakra. It doesn't weigh as heavy, and he can move around with it. At the most it takes about 45 seconds to charge up, and doesn't have a reload time. This is the most reliable version for Hizashi, and the one that kills the most.

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