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Crimson Art
Red lightning
Name Crimson Art
Kanji 真紅法
Rōmaji Shinkupou
Techniques Crimson Art: Crimson Vortex
Crimson Art: Destructive Blast
Crimson Art: Crimson Fist
Crimson Art: Crimson Armour
Crimson Art: Crimson Bomb

Crimson Art is an advanced nature that simultaneous uses Fire Release and Lightning Release chakra nature. The two combine make this dark read fiery substance with lightning coming from it. The effects of the techniques that come from Crimson Art, is that it causes massive damage to things. They have different effects ranging from burns, to paralysis, to destruction of an object. This art was created by Hizashi Senju a little bit before the Forth Shinobi War, though he didn't have full mastery over the techniques so he didn't use it during the war.

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